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Is It Good? Wolverines #4 Review

In the last issue, we were introduced to Fantomelle, another individual from Weapon X that was created to be the world’s greatest thief (I know a few people in the Marvel universe that would object to her stealing that title).

What happens now in this week’s issue, folks? Is it good?

Wolverines #4 (Marvel Comics)


Writer: Ray Fawkes
Artist: Ariela Kristantina


Our story opens up where the last issue left off, with the Weapon X gang and their “hostages” rescuing Fantomelle from Siphon. They bring her aboard their ship and blow up Siphon (possibly). Also, Fantomelle’s boyfriend may still be alive after being rescued from his fall, but the book doesn’t dwell on that outside of the one panel at the beginning.

Spoiler Corner:

Later, the gang gives Fantomelle the scoop about the mission and wanting her help to bust into Mr. Sinister’s lair to retrieve Wolverine’s body. She’s willing to help, loving the sound of the challenge it presents.

We also get random cuts to several different members of the crew during this point. X-23 and Sabertooth checking in on Daken to see how he is holding up; Shogun continuing to have a mental battle within himself, one that Fantomelle notices and tells him to handle better; also Mystique is up to something and putting some sort of plan into motion, like disguising herself at one point to get into a pissing match (not literally) with Lady Deathstrike.


This issue was incredibly hard to read and stay focused on. I couldn’t tell what was happening at some points and the pacing and story structure was erratic, constantly changing from scene to scene during most of the issue. All of these problems stemmed from one single area and that was the artwork. It looked messy and amateurish in most areas. Characters looked downright awful and inconsistent, the line work was atrocious, and the layouts were bad. It’s a real shame since there seemed to be a lot of potentially interesting things happening, but I couldn’t follow it half the time.

Most Memorable Moment:

I look at this image and think to myself, “Ow, that pose just looks like it hurts!”


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