Marvel had resounding success with their first foray into the Star Wars universe with multiple printings and millions of issues sold. Oh, and the comic wasn’t a bad read either! That doesn’t mean a sophomore slump isn’t it order, so how about issue #2? Is it good?

Star Wars #2 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue opened on Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2 and C-3P0 on a rebel mission to destroy a weapons factory operated by the Empire. Unfortunately for them, Darth Vader showed up and changed their mission into an escape. Taking place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back this series is quickly turning into a Luke Skywalker adventure, but we’ll get into that below.

One of the best moments of the issue.

Writer Jason Aaron opens the issue where he left off as Luke takes on Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle. Considering how little Luke has trained, Aaron is clearly exploiting this element for the story. Luke is nowhere near the master you’ve seen from Return of the Jedi and the battle unfolds in this issue as you might expect from a Jedi with so little training. Luckily he has some friends to help out, and Aaron gives the crew plenty to do in this issue, which falls right in line with how the characters interacted in the movies. Plans just don’t work out for these characters, but together they can accomplish anything. Well, except for C-3P0, but he’s best at complaining anyway.

There aren’t as many character moments in this issue, with a lot more focus on a big action sequence between Darth, an AT-AT and Luke. The story unfolds logically, although it does seem a bit odd Darth isn’t having those weird feelings about Luke just yet. I guess he won’t be realizing he’s familiar until way after this storyline. Ultimately it’s a quick read due to the action taking up most of the issue.

The art by John Cassaday continues to be good in all its widescreen glory. Panels contain a lot of unused space, which some might cry foul for not maximizing the page, but it has a way of creating a sense of calm around the characters. This focuses the reader on the action much like a film, which makes the mix of close ups and medium shots all the more powerful. While it’s a style that’s emotionally impactful, it feels like it’s a way to stretch a comic, especially when there’s less dialogue and more action like in this issue.

That’s just cold dude.

Is It Good?

A good second issue that’s exciting and action packed, but a little light on the meaningful character work seen in the first issue.

Is It Good? Star Wars #2 Review
Cinematic look fits the titleSome good banter for HanLuke is NOT a skilled Jedi which is compelling
Mostly action which makes it a fast readSome might cry foul considering Darth is completely ignorant of Luke and even Luke's lightsaber but I guess that comes later...because?
7.5Overall Score
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