The current Hulk book has been rather slow moving recently. Not a whole lot happens every issue, just focusing on one plot point and that’s it. Also, Doc Green continues to try to depower the Hulks and mess up their lives. How will this issue go now that Lyra is entering the fray? Is it good?

Hulk #11 (Marvel Comics)

Doc Green and his buddies are now hiding/working out the remains of the Baxter Building (jeez, I guess I need to read Fantastic Four more often to know how that happened) and developing a new technology. One that will deal with one of the roaming Hulks. One that will send Lyra back to her home… possibly.

Besides being slow, I also stated that I felt Doc Green was becoming a bit too flawless in some areas. He also seemed to get what he wanted in the end and with not much difficulty. However, in one single issue, most the problems I’ve had with this book have been actually addressed and the comic really stepped it up. Honestly, this feels like one of the best issues the series has had in a long time. The story here started off slow, but it kept building and building as it got into the second half, throwing in new twists and surprises that were really intriguing and exciting.

All the science and machinery available in the Baxter Building and the most important thing to make is a toilet.

Duggan’s writing is still very good. The pacing is a bit slow in the first half as mentioned, but it does pick up the pace during the second half when more things start happening. The dialogue featured some good lines, though one bit of narration felt almost unnecessary since it added nothing to the experience. There were some brief bits of humor that were genuinely amusing. The characterization was pretty good overall and well handled, though I’m a bit sketchy on Lyra. Maybe because I’m not nearly as familiar with her as I am with the other Hulks, but she seemed a bit off. Either way, there’s no real big problem with the writing, which is nice.

The artwork is solid, as usual. Besides the case of characters having similar looking faces, the Hulks look great and well-drawn here (especially Lyra). The action, while there isn’t as much of it here as there was in the previous issue, still looks nice. The layouts are decent, the coloring is nice, and there were some rather nice imagery and scenes depicted here. Basically, the artwork is still as good as the previous issues, so if you liked the work that was done there, you’ll like it here as well.

Is It Good?

Hulk #11 feels like a really good step in the right direction after a few issues where the story felt rather slow. Lots of exciting and surprising things went down in the story, with plenty of interesting new directions for the series to take from here on out. Combined with good writing and artwork, this is one Hulk issue you are not going to want to miss.

Is It Good? Hulk #11 Review
The story really stepped it up a notch this time.Good writing overall.The artwork was nice and appealing.
Slow first half.Quite a few characters have the same face.
9Overall Score
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