After skipping another month yet again (and just before the finale too!), Ms. Marvel has returned with the final issue of this year-long struggle and fight with the Inventor. She has confronted the evil and wacky bird in its lair, but can she bring him to justice and save all of the remaining teenagers?! Let’s find out! Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #11 (Marvel Comics)

This is it folks! Ms. Marvel is facing down the Inventor in his own lair and is ready to put him down and free all of his victims. However, he has a few tricks up his sleeve and won’t be going down so easily. Kamala will have to use a bit of brainpower and get some help if she is going to be able to win this confrontation.

We’ll split the difference and just call you Birdman, how’s that?

And so, we end this year long storyline that we have been following since the beginning. I would say that, while I felt the story could drag at parts, this storyline did end reasonably well. Maybe it could have been shortened by an issue or two, but I was overall pleased with the results. It established Kamala’s life as a superhero pretty well, showing her growing influence and respect from the citizens and teenagers of her home, and it was enjoyable to watch the main character grow as a person and hero throughout, learning new lessons along the way. It’s stuff that we have certainly seen before in other comics or mediums, but the execution was strong and that’s what is ultimately important here.

Back to the story in this particular issue, it wrapped things up nicely as I said. It brought resolution to almost all of the storylines that we have seen built during the past year, while also leaving the door open for some future plotlines that could be good. The villain’s exit out of the story may have been a bit anti-climactic (I mean, it would have been fun to see him again somewhere down the line), but it did work for me. The issue did a great job giving every character a moment to shine and no one who appeared in the book felt wasted, providing an important role in some way or another. I think the ending speech that Kamala gives was a bit corny, but she does acknowledge it and it is a good sentiment regardless.

But first, let’s do something about that hair. That is a disaster if I have ever seen one.

Writing-wise, G. Willow Wilson’s work here was strong as ever. The pacing was good, along with the other writing mechanics. The dialogue and narration were a joy to read, really helping build up and characterize the entire cast here and also providing some good bits of humor in areas. The characterization was well-done and again, I do like how Kamala continued to grow through the arc and also in this issue as well. The ending was oddly a bit of a downer in some parts considering how Kamala is reacting to everything. I mean, it’s understandable and she changes tunes quickly, but it certainly felt odd for a bit.

The artwork by Adrian Alphona was great as ever. The characters were all very well drawn and displayed a wide range of emotions in their face and with their body language. The layouts were clever at points and very easy to follow, while the action was a bit flashy and enjoyable to look at. The coloring was sharp and also helped elevate the art even further. Overall, the book looked as great as it read and I look forward to seeing more of it in future issues.

Ms. Marvel! This is the time to bonk him on the head and not listen to him!

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #11 was a fitting and highly enjoyable conclusion to the first year of the comic. It brought its big building storyline to a great conclusion, with very strong character, writing, and wonderful looking artwork. I declared this the best comic Marvel had to offer last year and with quality like this, I see a great future in store for us and our new heroine. Definitely recommended.

Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #11 Review
Solid and enjoyable conclusion to this storyline.Strong writing and characterization.Beautiful looking artwork that enhances the experience.
Some minor points with the ending.
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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