Sadly, last issue of Wolverines was just an incredible pain to read and follow. The artwork was so horrible that it interfered with my ability to be able to understand anything that was going on it. Hopefully things clear in this new issue so we can go back to moderately enjoying what we are reading.

Wolverines #5 (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Jonathan Marks


So the test subjects from Paradise, their captives, and Fantomelle arrive at Mr. Sinister’s lair. However, he saw them coming, so he simply just invites the group into his place and tells them straight up he’ll let them live if they prove to be entertaining and defeat his creations he made. Also, Endo decided to bolt at one point and disappears into some kind of hole in reality.

Spoiler Corner

So, the group is forcibly divided off into two teams (Fantomelle and her fox escape in the confusion and go their own way). Sabertooth, Mystique, X-23, and Lady Deathstrike are in one team, where they end up running into Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider clones. The remaining Paradise members end up bickering with one another over whose fault it is for their current situation (Shogun acts like a complete ass and says it’s all Neuro’s fault because he knew where this lair was to begin with) and then fight a Fin Fang Foom clone with Thor for a tongue… because.

Lady Deathstrike ends up killing one of Mr. Sinister’s servants, which causes the Scarlet Spider clones to get mad and attack the group. The other group kills the Fing Fang Foom clone and Neuro realizes something. If Sinister can create all of these things, than perhaps he can cure the Paradise group of their problem! He tries to call out for Sinister so he can make a deal for a cure and in return, he can give them complete control over the other characters.

In the main part of the lair, Mr. Sinister continues working on cracking open the adamantium shell with Fantomelle watching from a far, looking for an opening to strike. However, out of nowhere, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus appear in the room and declare that they are here to put an end to all of this.


This issue was better than last for the simple fact that I could actually read and follow along with what was actually going on in the book. The artwork wasn’t nearly as bad as before… but it was rather weird and unusual looking in how the characters were depicted regardless. It has an interesting style to it, but it suffers a lot in areas due to a lack of detail and poor action. The writing was fine, but it didn’t really feel like the story advanced all that much outside of a few moments. It honestly wasn’t all that exciting and by the time the book ends, it doesn’t really leave that much of an impression on you.

Most Memorable Moment

The more I see this guy, the more ripped I think he gets between issues.

Is It Good? Wolverines #5 Review
The writing is fine overall.The artwork is better than last time…
…but it still has a lot of problems.Honestly not that exciting or engaging.
5.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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