Ash in space, Deadites on an unknown, evil quest, and sexy astronauts for good measure…but is it good?

Army of Darkness #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

This is flat out good action comics with a B-movie vibe and plenty of gore and funny one liners thrown in too. This ain’t Bill Shakespeare by any means, but if you’re expecting an incredible story with the title Army of Darkness plastered on the cover you’ve most likely got a few screws loose anyway. In that case, you’ll probably enjoy this too! The series is basically one big setup to get Ash involved in a science fiction storyline. It all started with Ash chasing a Deadite onto a space shuttle only to find the Deadite can now take over technology; Ash had to fight his hand and now he just needs to catch his breath.

Blood splatter is gorgeous.

Yeah right. Cullen Bunn writes a fun issue here, with Ash basically fighting and joking and the plot progressing just a smidge. The big bad has a master plan to rival any master plan, but hell, all Ash wants is a burger. Of course he can’t just have that—a typical humorous setup for Ash—and you’ll witness some frying-pan-to-Deadite action along the way.

Art is by Larry Watts, and I’ve said this in previous reviews but I’ll say it again, in an action comic if the art isn’t good the comic will suck. Luckily it doesn’t suck, as this issue continues the fun of gore, action and clever plotting. The layouts continue to tell the story well and it’s all an improvement over the last issue largely because the hand vs. Ash sequence was so damn long. This issue has plenty of moments for Ash to riff and fight.

I rather like how Watts draws Ash in this issue. It could very well be a great rendition for an animated cartoon. The cartoony feel is in part due to the color by Aikau Oliva which is very bright and solid. One must give props to a page that has blood dripping down around its panels and I simply adore the look of the blood splatter.

If he’s the chosen one wouldn’t he never grow tired of it?

Is It Good?

This continues to be a fun and exciting action fest with great pacing and even better art.

Is It Good? Army of Darkness #3 Review
Strong artAction packed and well paced
Plot progresses slowly
8.5Overall Score
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