Part 6 in a 6 part series means conclusions, climaxes and resolutions! But is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Marvel Comics)

If you’re a dolt and just joined us I guess you’re one of those folks who hate the journey. The issue opens on Loomworld, the planet where the spider-eating bad guys known as the Inheritors live, as Spider-Man of the 616 rushes in to save the day. Only he’s a bit late, as the Inheritors are already starting their ritual to end the Spider Totem lines forever. What will they eat though? Anyway, the issue is all about action, surprises and a character moment or two as well.

It’s about trust.

Dan Slott writes a pretty great concluding issue. Although Spider-Man doesn’t get as good of a character moment as Spider Gwen, he does own up to his role as the leader of this group. Those of you hoping for a Superior Spider-Man moment will probably be a bit disappointed; he does make a big move, but it’s not as important as you’d think. One might cry foul as to how bumbling the Inheritors are too, especially when you consider how powerful they’ve been in the past. It’s also a bit of a disappointment to see Karn simply show up and do his thing with only a short backup to explain his motivation. A major death also takes place (no spoilers here) and there’s really nothing said about it. I expect the promised epilogue in the next issue will tackle this though.

I’m a bit surprised how so many spider characters took second billing in this issue. We’ve seen a lot of focus on Spider-Man 2099, Spider Woman and even Superior Spider-Man, but this issue is all about Spider-Man 616 and the Inheritors really. Silk does get a powerful moment at the end, but it feels a bit cursory.

And that’s the rub. This issue serves more as the bombastic action sequence with little to no character development or reflection on the events. In a sense this issue is a series of action scenes that culminate to a conclusion, but it lacks the emotional impact that’d make it fantastic due to limited time to show character. All in all though it’s a satisfying conclusion that’s more about the heroes winning than heroes dying – a nice change of pace indeed.

I don’t define my Spider Totems by sex or species!

Art is shared between Olivier Coipel and Giuseppe Camuncoli with the first nine pages done by Coipel and the remaining 11 pages by Camuncoli. Coipel continues to impress with his incredible ability to draw detail and shadows. It’s moody and just right for such a dark story. Camuncoli has been sometimes great, sometimes average, but here does a great job to finish off the series. If you can make a naked pig heroic you’re doing your job. Nuff said.

Looking extra vampiric today, Morlun.

Is It Good?

A satisfying conclusion to what has been one of the best events from Marvel in ages. It has a few surprises too which should get us all jazzed up for next issue’s epilogue.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #14 Review
Art is phenomenal across the board and seamless even though artists change midway throughA couple of surprises!Excited for the epilogue...that's a first!
Character moments are few and far between, especially considering a major death takes place
8.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 6 Votes

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