After meeting up with the original Thor, what will our new Goddess of Thunder do next?

Is it good?

Thor #5 (Marvel Comics)


Lord Odin isn’t all that pleased that there is someone else carrying Mjolnir/using the name of Thor, especially this mysterious woman. He wants answers, the truth, and the damn hammer back where it belongs. Of course, that won’t be an easy task since magic seems to protecting the identity of the woman. As such, Odin may have to resort to some less savory methods of getting his way.

This issue is pretty much one of those in-between, breather issues you get from time to time. You know, after a big arc, letting the audience relax a bit after all the excitement to check in with all of the characters and see where they are currently/what they may be up to. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, since the story here is pretty enjoyable and is setting the stage for what looks to be a cool story arc coming our way. Thor #5 gets a few storylines going, shows how the public and villains are reacting to a new female Thor (wouldn’t mind seeing more of this or from a very more superheroes perspectives), and more. It’s not all that exciting after those past few issues, but it does provide plenty of fun and enjoyment.

Ah, so the Absorbing Man is either a YouTube Commenter, a Twitter Troll, a Fox News guest, or a Gamegater. You the audience can decide!

The writing by Jason Aaron is solid and comes together well. The pacing and story structure are solid and easy to follow, and the characters are well-portrayed, with plenty of good moments and lines from them throughout. I am not as familiar with Thor comics as others, so there are some elements that I’m sketchy on here and there (like the fact that Odin has been gone for a while it seems), but there’s nothing here that is hard to follow. The dialogue and narration are decent and there are flashes of humor at points that do get a laugh now and again. The ending was nice and makes me curious to see how this will all play out, though I do hope the story doesn’t drag out the mystery regarding female Thor’s identity or what Nick Fury said to Thor for too much longer. You drag it out too much and the answer will probably not be all that satisfying or rather predictable. Overall, not a bad issue in terms of the writing and story.

The artwork for the issue is by Jorge Molina, who is filling in for now, and his work is very eye-pleasing in most areas. His characters do look nice, with no real problems with the musculature or crazy bendy spines, and are expressive, though in a more subtle way than most comics. The layouts are nice, making the brief bits of action exciting and easy to follow, while most of the panels feature detailed backgrounds. The coloring is rather nice and really works well in certain areas, especially with being able to bring out the right mood and lighting in different scenes. It’s good work overall and if there has to be another fill-in artist, I wouldn’t mind seeing his work here.


Is It Good?

Thor #5 was a very enjoyable and fun to read issue overall. It set up some interesting storylines and some really enjoyable characterization for next time around. While nothing intense or exciting happened overall, I do look forward to seeing where the comic’s next story arc takes us.

Is It Good? Thor #5 Review
Very enjoyable issue overall.Strong writing and sense of humor.Art work looks nice.
Nothing too exciting this issue.
8.5Overall Score
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