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Is it Good? Captain Marvel #12 Review

Carol arrives back at her ship to find things have gone horribly awry, and she has to scramble to figure out how to save the day. Is it good?

Captain Marvel #12 (Marvel Comics)

Coming off the awesome craziness of last month’s Christmas episode, we find Lila Cheney dropping Cap back on her ship. But as soon as Lila heads out, Carol realizes the ship is not only empty of Tic and Chewie, but it’s also in serious disarray. Harrison, the ship’s AI, is offline and there’s damage and blood everywhere.

Carol gets Harrison back online and quickly figures out that Haffensye pirates are responsible for the chaos; specifically they are after Chewie, thanks to her flerken status, and Tic was most likely in the way.

In the other main action point, Carol tries to take a shortcut to catch up with the pirates, but the shortcut ends up being a subspace pocket that is slowing her down by 10. Jackie and Gil try to warn her when she calls them for help, but the pocket causes glitches in their communication, causing her to miss their shouts of “NOOO!”

Is It Good?

Coming after two crackerjack Christmas issues, this issue fell slightly flat for me. There’s plenty of action and trademark humor but I missed the emotional beats that the Christmas issues had. Also, man, does Tic have the worst luck or what? This girl cannot stay out of trouble.

However, we get Carol doing what she does best – attempting to crack jokes and failing miserably:

And being a complete badass:

Watching the explosion after using her ship as a club against another ship.

Kelly Sue knows her character inside and out and showcases it in this issue – Carol’s tendency to throw herself into action without a plan, her devotion to those she loves, and her quick thinking under duress.

Overall, I really like David Lopez’s art and Lee Loughridge’s colors perfectly capture the shifts in environments and emotional beats. Lopez also gave us what might be my favorite panel of all time – Bane Chewie!:

That is one pissed-off flerken.

So while this issue might not have set me on fire, it does lead us back into the main story and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.


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