Captain America and the Mighty Avengers is back. Let’s just get straight to it and talk about the latest issue. Is it good?

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5 (Marvel Comics)

At the Kadesh Base, Blue Marvel continues working on ways to explore the Neutral Zone and rescue his son from it, while Spider-Man and Spectrum are there working on a project. At Cortex, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones/Cage confront Jason Quantrell, the CEO of the business, about what exactly is he up to. Meanwhile, Power Man and White Tiger follow up a lead that takes them to this abandon refinery that has something rather… creepy housed inside.

Here folks, have some narration!

So I would say that this is the issue that this series and the previous Mighty Avengers book has been building up to. The ultimate reveal with what Cortex is up to and what their plans are, and to be honest…. It’s probably not what you were expecting, given the ultimate twist with it. It’s a twist that does make sense and explains the more sinister change we have been seeing with Jason recently. Either way, what happens here with the story was rather interesting and shows plenty of potential for where it can go. Sure, some fans may not like the direction here given what happened to some of the heroes, but let’s wait and see on this one.

The pacing and story structure were solid with no complaints or problems to it at all. The story was progressing and developing in some way, so nothing felt all that uneventful. The dialogue was decent and there were some solid, effectively creepy lines here and there. The characterization was good as well and fit all of the characters for the most part. The only things that were slightly problematic were the tone and the narration. The narration felt a bit overwrought and unnecessary, especially since at points it felt repetitive. It was only in two areas mind you, but it still wasn’t so good. The second is the tone, which is that the book is going in a more horror direction. There’s no problem with the direction, it’s just that it kind of takes away from one of the best aspects of the series—its upbeat and fun nature. Sure, it could be serious and tense at points, but it never felt like it lost that sense of joy or fun. It made it so unique and different from the rest of the super serious and “grand” Avengers titles we’ve had.

For once, we have only one artist working on the book and it is Iban Coello. His work is fine overall, since he does draw some decent superheroes, layouts, and action. However, his style of artwork is probably not best suited for the darker and more horror vibe the comic is trying to have. The art is just too bright, colorful, and cartoonish in areas to be truly effective or to have enough of the same impact the writer would probably want. It has its moments on occasion where it does an alright job on some creepy bits, but other times, the artwork looks more weird than truly creepy or horrifying. Maybe it’ll get better as time goes on.

Is It Good?

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5 is a good issue overall. There are some minor problems here and there, but the story’s direction and quality are promising so far. This may not have been the direction I would have personally wanted from the book, but the results are good and I remain interested in what’ll happen from here on out.

Is It Good? Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5 Review
Good start to this new storyline.The writing and art were solid for the most part.
The narration felt unnecessary.Some choices made may prove to be problematic. The artwork doesn’t fit the tone of the book too well.
8Overall Score
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