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Is It Good? Silk #1 Review

As I write this, Silk #1 has already sold out of its first printing which is great news for a variety of reasons. One of which is the lack of female heroes on the stands, another is that a bona fide new hero is getting traction over all the titles that consistently sell. But is it good?

Silk #1 (Marvel Comics)

This issue takes place after Marvel’s Spider-Verse event but largely leaves off where Amazing Spider-Man left Silk pre-Spider-Verse. She’s on her own where she likes to be, working at a TV studio under J.J. Jameson and trying her best to do the superhero thing. She likes to be alone because she lived in a bunker in isolation for decades, but that’s left her mind stuck in the late 80’s and 90’s and a bit antisocial. She’s also new to the superhero thing so the series has that going for it too.

Nice interchange.

Writer Robbie Thompson does a good job capturing the humor of the character and the out of sorts feeling she’s experiencing. I can’t say this comic is doing anything new for the superhero genre though. We’ve seen characters flub fighting banter, seen internal monologue humor and her powers aren’t all that different from Spider-Man either. She brings two semi-different angles however: her mission to find her family, and her odd comfort zone of being alone. All of this is captured wonderfully, it’s just a bummer not a lot of this feels new.

Silk’s relationship with Spider-Man is complicated to say the very least. Back in Amazing they were all over each other due to some kind of spider pheromones, and so now they’re keeping their distance, although the comic is never clear why Silk thinks this is a good idea. That said the two times Spider-Man does pop up make the book all the more compelling.

The art by Stacey Lee is good, in a cartoony sort of way that reminds me of the style of Becky Cloonan with a Michael Avon Oeming sort of vibe. Her lines are thick, the characters have bigger eyes and the focus is on characters over backgrounds. Overall it’s a nice fluffy look that lends itself to the humor and makes it feel a bit more on the teen side of things.

That’s pretty funny.

Is It Good?

A good first issue that adequately sets things up but doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen before.


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