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Is It Good? She-Hulk #12 Review

And so, the end has come for the latest volume of She-Hulk. At a scant 12 issues, it only made it a year sadly. While the artwork has been less than stellar, I’m going to miss this book. Let’s see how the final issue wraps up. Is it good?

She-Hulk #12 (Marvel Comics)

So it turns out that the true villain in all of this, the man behind the Blue File incident is Nightwatch! Just as She-Hulk learns this fact, Nightwatch pops out of nowhere and starts monologuing about why he did all of this. Therea re scuffles, people fighting under mind control, Shocker pops out of nowhere, the situation is handled, and She-Hulk goes on to take on a new case. Dah End.

I have no idea what I’m looking at in the bottom left panel. Is Titania being sacrificed to some idol?

Unfortunately, this finale feels both rushed and underwhelming. The whole twist with Nightwatch being retconned into a former villain is both rather insulting to fans of the character (not to mention, shouldn’t he be dead or something?) and really isn’t all that effective. This should be a total shock, but he was barely in the book and there was never much development between him and She-Hulk as friends to show how much of a shock it could be to the cast. The entire first half is a flashback and then a monologue about why Nightwatch did everything, while the last half is an awkward looking fight scene. It’s probably because the book was cancelled that this felt rather sloppy and rushed, but regardless, it’s not particularly satisfying and She-Hulk honestly really didn’t do much or get to shine in this issue.

The writing on the book is fine, but really underwhelming. The book is decompressed and doesn’t feel like much is happening, while the pacing is just slow going and drags during Nightwatch’s monologues. The dialogue is fine outside of the info dumping and monologuing, but nothing about it sticks out or is memorable. The book really misses the mark a lot by having She-Hulk really not do much. Sure, she stops the villain in the end, but she really doesn’t do much else in the entirety of the issue. The ending itself, while implying She-Hulk will continue on with her adventures, just feels hollow, since the comic just sort of stops at an awkward and abrupt moment.

Oh, exposition we love thee! Also, what’s up with Angie’s eyes?

All of the characters suffer from lazy eyes and look dead and lifeless, the body physique and poses look awkward and strange, the backgrounds look completely blank and empty most of the time (it feels rushed in that regard), the action is oddly put together and doesn’t flow well that often, there’s nothing really creative with these layouts like previous issues, momentz where it should be tense look more silly than they should, and more. Honestly, Javier Pudlio’s artwork never really did it for me, but it usually looked much better than this issue.

Is It Good?

She-Hulk #12 was a deeply disappointing and underwhelming finale to this series. Even if it was rushed at the end due to cancellation, everything about the comic feels so lackluster. The story is weak and contrived, She-Hulk herself barely gets to do anything in the issue, the writing is underwhelming, and the artwork leaves so much to be desired. She-Hulk is a character who deserved more than this rushed conclusion, especially after all the praise it got this past year. Marvel really dropped the ball on this one.


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