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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #15 Review

Who doesn’t like a good epilogue? Okay sure, they typically house some farewells, a couple of plots being tied up and maybe a tease for a future story, but generally they don’t contain the climaxes we love…until now! We check out the latest on Amazing Spider-Man and answer the question: is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #15 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue Spider-Verse technically came to an end as the bad guys were vanquished and Spider-Man was proven to be the ultimate good guy. It’s still going on in a sense here, as we find out what happens to the remaining Spider characters who made it to the end of the event alive, and most importantly how Superior Spider-Man gets sent back to the past to live out his already storied fate.

A lot of this going on in this issue.

Those of you who have cared about these characters are going to buy this comic anyway, but you’re also the audience that’ll love this issue the most. Mayday Parker gets some resolution, Spider-Man UK gets a new direction and there’s a solid period put on the Superior Spider-Man story since this entire series is a bit of a tangent off Superior Spider-Man #19. Aside from these elements though, this issue doesn’t offer a lot. Superior comes off as a bit flat and cliched in his actions which might let some down. The complexity of his character was glimpsed at in this series, but he is written like a Shakespearean villain here more than anything. Considering how abruptly he chose to give Peter the power over his body in Superior Spider-Man‘s conclusion I as hoping for something here to have played a part in that choice, but instead he goes full villain to give the characters something to do. Oh well.

Of course it will be interesting to see how this ties into the Battle World event Marvel has been hyping for months now, but as good as Spider-Verse has been the conclusion hasn’t lived up to the incredible journey it took us on. While the event itself was rife with surprises this conclusion is much too easily wrapped up. Characters that just risked their lives and saw firsthand Spider-Men of other dimensions brutally die are now simply shrugging their shoulders and hopping back to their dimensions. I suppose one can argue there isn’t much else to say or do, but it’s odd how quickly it all ended.

It has ended though, mostly, and writer Dan Slott is at least good about ending things by letting us know where characters are and what roles important aspects are being played by. Unfortunately I found his use of Karn, the only Inheritor left, to be incredibly lacking. His use in the series started well enough, but he’s been used so blatantly as a Band-Aid that it’s laughable. That minor quibble aside it’s going to be neat to see where characters are moving forward from here.

Being the bad guy to add some action to this plot of course!

The art by Giuseppe Camuncoli works well, especially when you consider how much dialogue there is in this comic. On top of that he’s juggling a lot of characters here which is a testament to his skill that nothing feels confusing. Sure the fight sequence between Superior Spider-Man against the rest seems a bit cheapened by so few panels to show the action, but what is happening never gets lost. Plus Camuncoli draws a mean punch Spider-Man has deserved to land on Superior since he was a ghost floating around.

Mayday fans get a resolution!

Is It Good?

A good issue as far as wrapping up loose ends and setting up a few character stories, but ultimately feels wasted due to characters serving the plot for plot’s sake.


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