Godzilla dropped into Los Angeles. Space Godzilla is in Los Angeles. Trilopod-controlled Megagurius is in Los Angeles. We can see where this is going, right? Is it good?

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #21 (IDW Publishing)


…but first, we go to Monster Island, which is getting absolutely wrecked despite the Gargantuas’ best efforts.

Must find…deus ex machina…

Fortunately, the Shobijin are there to psychically remove the Trilopod that was controlling Battra (which seems like a pretty convenient to the plot handy skill to have).

Back in L.A., however, the real smack down is taking place. I…uh…still have no idea what Space Godzilla is doing in all this, but the team up between him and Godzilla versus Trilopod Megagurius is one hell of a good fight. They also get their asses kicked, which was a bit unexpected.

On the human/Cryog side of things, Karkaro finally goes from being passive aggressive to straight out blunt with his sniveling subordinate. He also launches a new offensive.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Woods are (understandably) flipping out over what the Trilopods are causing. She also doesn’t understand what Woods is asking her to do in order to save the planet (I’m right there with you, Lu). Little do they know that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Is It Good?

Well, after two homerun issues, we’ve fallen back a bit into the ‘what the hell is going on’ side of things, but not too badly. And even with the plot getting a bit muddy, the action in this issue definitely makes up for it.

Jeff Zornow takes over art duties and does an outstanding job, especially with the insane fight that took place in Los Angeles. He also delivers some seriously good renderings of the Trilopod-controlled monsters along with a fantastically over the top last page to the issue.


It all adds up for an issue that’s still a fun read despite some narrative confusion. But as we head towards an explosive conclusion, I’ve started to trust Mowry/Frank to make sure those plot points are explained while delivering plenty of kaiju awesomeness.

Is It Good? Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #21 Review
Fantastic artwork by Jeff Zornow, particularly with the Los Angeles fight and the human character renderings.If you aren't convinced yet that Trilopods are awesome, this issue should do it
The plot is falling back into some muddiness again. Even the characters are confused.Space Godzilla is cool and all, but I still feel like I missed something important about him somewhere during this story arc.
7Overall Score
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