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Is It Good? Deadpool #43 Review

Deadpool dies in two issues, but will he even make it that far with Omega Red and his Roxxon roughnecks out for his blood?

Who ya got? And is it good?

Deadpool #43 (Marvel Comics)


Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are good dudes; their witty, self-deprecating portrayal of Deadpool always has me cheesin’ within the first few pages of their efforts. Panels like the following are just classic instances of “Wade being Wade” — reminiscent of the Joe Kelly days. And I dig ‘em.

Wait, that makes Deadpool emo, doesn’t it?

I also dig the unusual, singular methodology they have Deadpool use to escape situations that most other heroes would uncharacteristically (and boringly) MacGyver their way out of. Some writers also often overplay the whole “Well, he’ll just heal from it” angle with healing-factor oriented characters and have them regenerate with very little significance — like an episode of Looney Tunes — but with Duggan and Posehn’s Deadpool the experience is always grisly, wince-inducing and yet somehow cogent. Sure Deadpool has amazing regenerative abilities, but they don’t equate that to god-mode. I’m proud of ‘em.

Salva Espin’s art remains slightly cartoonier than I usually like, but it’s expressive, a great fit for the title and like I said in my last Deadpool review, the guy can dial up the detail, shading and perspective real quick if need be. (Check out this issue’s arm chewing scene for ample proof.


Is It Good?

Another awesome issue from top to bottom. There’s crazy violence, laugh-out-loud wisecracks/shenaniganery and some great characterization for Deadpool that will make his inevitable and well-advertised death in a few issues all the more heartbreaking.

If you’re a fan of Deadpool (or have even thought about being one), grab this issue and fall in love just like Ne-Yo. Also, (Warning: Spoilers) the following shot has become one of my favorite Deadpool pages/jokes of all time.


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