After a quick one-off Valentine’s Day issue, it looks like Ms. Marvel’s ready to dive into a brand new arc.

Is it good?

Ms. Marvel #13 (Marvel Comics)


After her fight with the Inventor, Kamala has been doing some training with the Inhumans to get into shape so that she won’t be caught in a bad situation again. However, Kamala may be facing a new challenge soon… and in a rather unusual way. You see, some family friends have arrived in town to visit her family, along with their son Kamran. Kamran is about to shake up Kamala’s world in a totally different and new way…


With this issue, we begin a three part storyline called “Crushed” and the introductory issue looked promising. “Crushed” introduces a new character (at least for the time being) to shake things up, follows up on the last arc with Kamala continuing to train and improve her skills and it seems like the arc will deal with The Inhumans as well. Outside of Medusa, Kamala hasn’t really interacted with any other Inhumans before, nor does she know that much about them, so introducing an Inhuman villain/faction with a different ideological stance than that of Medusa’s could provide interesting storyline possibilities. The only downside with the story in this issue is that the ending was a bit predictable. Other than that, this issue got this new arc off on the right foot.

The writing by G. Willow Wilson continues to shine. Her pacing is solid, with every scene going on for the perfect length and contributing to the narrative. The characterization was solid and considering what was going on in the issue, I’m excited to see how this changes Kamala and where she’ll go from here. The dialogue was great with a lot of good lines and humor all around.


The artwork for Ms. Marvel #13 is handled by a different artist this time around, Takeshi Miyazawa. His style brings a more anime-ish tone and feel to the book and it works well. The characters look great, with an amusing range of emotions and reactions; the layouts are well put together and easy to follow, leading to some great setup for jokes and action; the coloring by Ian Herring also worked well with Miyazawa, delivering a gamut of visual eye-candy. Honestly, we see more of Miyazawa even after this arc is through.

Is It Good?

Ms. Marvel #13 is a very enjoyable and fun way to start the new story arc. “Crushed” introduced a lot of fun ideas to explore and interesting characterization only bolstered by the writing and artwork that work wonderfully together. Pick Ms. Marvel #13 up and enjoy the ride.

Is It Good? Ms. Marvel #13 Review
Strong start to the new arcStrong writing and characterizationGreat artwork by new artist Takeshi Miyazawa
Fairly predictable ending
9Overall Score
Reader Rating 9 Votes