We learn a little more about Princess Leia post A New Hope; more specifically, her need to save Alderaan. Alderaan you say? But that’s been blown up! Exactly. Is it good?

Princess Leia (2015) #2 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue set up Leia’s new partner in crime, an X-Wing pilot Evaan who’s also from Alderaan and a bit smug about the whole princess thing. They escape from the Rebel Alliance in order for Leia to begin corralling Alderaanians and preserving what’s left of their culture. Of course this is a hot headed move with a huge bounty on her head from the Empire, but what’re you going to do? This issue opens with Leia and Evaan on her way to Naboo.

Writer Mark Waid begins this issue with Evaan and Leia sharing a meal and a flashback is sparked when Evaan mentions a vegetable native to Alderaan. A vegetable Leia hates. We flashback to Alderaan where Leia is around 10 years old and Jimmy Smits…I mean her stepfather, Bail Prestor Organa chastises her for not studying. Waid is really hammering home Leia’s tomboy nature and desire to rebel as she was born to be. This flashback is the strongest moment for the issue, largely because it feels like we’re seeing a side of Leia that’s never been shown before, and it also creates a sense of sorrow for the loss of Alderaan.

Here comes a flashba…

The main plot of the issue is good, although a bit boring. There’s a club owner who has an Alderaan choir singing for him that doesn’t know Alderaan is gone. It’s an immoral thing to lie to these people and not let them know the truth simply so they’ll keep playing. Leia has a different perspective entirely and it fits nicely into the purpose of her mission. This is the underlying story, the main being Leia trusting an old friend who may not be trusted, but it’s all very predictable and a bit boring.

Artist Terry Dodson continues to be the right choice for this book as it’s much more dialogue heavy and light on action. His expressions are top notch and he nails the acting of every character every time. He tends to draw some marvelously organic settings and surroundings for the characters as well. They do tend to be on the less detailed side, but they give everything a nice flow.

She’s really fast about doing that hair.

Is It Good?

Princess Leia continues to be a good, but slow burning, story that captures the essence of what Leia lost when Alderaan was destroyed.

Is It Good? Princess Leia #2 Review
Fantastic "acting" from DodsonUnderlining plot is meaningful and heartfelt
Predictable course of events for the act before you think LeiaBackgrounds are rather lacking on detail
6.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 5 Votes

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