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Is It Good? Elektra #11 Review

Star-Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie wasn’t the only comic book that wrapped up this week. Elektra is also facing its final issue as well, so let’s take a look and see how the series concludes.

Is it good?

Elektra #11 (Marvel Comics)


This is it. Elektra is surrounded by the Hand once more and is facing down a revived Bullseye. The odds are overwhelming and with the way things are going, there will be blood. A lot of it. How does this all come to close for Elektra and her pals?

So with that, the final issue is over now and what’s the word on it? I would say, “Disappointing, but not bad.” The comic is disappointing in the sense that Elektra didn’t have a grand, final showdown with Bullseye like the comic had been apparently building up. He curbstomps her, but she gets her second wind and knocks him down a peg before he escapes. It feels disappointing that it wasn’t that big of a final battle and that he ultimately walked away, while the Assassin Guild storyline just ends in a rather anti-climactic way. It gives you the feeling that there would have been more to this comic if it had gotten the chance to continue and not have to just end now in such abrupt fashion.


The “not bad” part comes with W. Haden Blackman’s writing, which is pretty good overall. His characterization remains strong, the narration and dialogue is enjoyable and the pacing was good. Honestly, even though I found the wrap up disappointing, nothing about the comic felt too rushed in comparison to some of the other comics I’ve read recently. I just wish the comic could have continued on longer to give a better and far more satisfying conclusion to some of the storylines.

The artwork by Mike Del Mundo remains the high point of the series. The characters are striking and well-drawn but the real star goes to the layouts and coloring. The layouts are put together in marvelous fashion, and really make the action look stunning as it flows from panel to panel. It looks incredibly brutal and nasty, but equally gorgeous as the colors depict the bloodshed and movement of the characters. The fighting between Elektra and Bullseye really makes you wince — it’s that impactful and crushing. The only negative thing about the artwork was one bit that was a bit too goofy looking for its own good, not remotely fitting the tone the comic has. However, that’s a minor issue in the grand schemes of things. The issue looked amazing from start to finish and I’m really going to miss Del Mundo’s artwork. Someone get this guy on a new book soon!


Is It Good?

Elektra #11 is a disappointing finale to the series in the sense that the conclusion feels rather hollow and abrupt, like the comic had plans to continue on from here. Despite that, the writing is still decent and the artwork remains incredible. Overall, even with the disappointing ending, I would still recommend the series as a whole, if only for the artwork alone. It’s something you really need to see and take in.


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