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Is It Good? Effigy #3 Review

The second issue of Effigy saw improvements over the first in regards to the writing and storytelling. It honestly got me excited and eager to read more. With the third issue out now, let’s see if it can continue to improve and grow.

Is it good?

Effigy #3 (Vertigo Comics)


The Effigy Mound case continues on as Officer Chondra Jackson and Detective Moore continue searching for clues and leads. Chondra’s friend, Edie, has a possible lead on a murder suspect and it requires the three of them to check out a Star Cop convention. Will they find what they are looking for there? Also, trippiness ensues!

Okay, it’s time to back away slowly.

Effigy #3 is sort of a tricky issue to figure out. It unfortunately feels a bit like the first issue where the storytelling is hard to follow and read. There are some bits of story and subplots that don’t seem to make sense and come across as more confusing than mysterious (pretty much the entire final scene of the book). It also feels jumpy at times; the story and dialogue cut and jump forward or around a lot making for a book that was hard to follow, even though there isn’t much forward progression. This cuts into the enjoyment of the issue, which is sad since there is plenty to like here.

Almost everything else about the writing and story are good and work. I liked the investigation of the convention center, since it helps build up more of an idea about how much people do or did love the show Chondra was in and has some potentially interesting directions for the comic to go. The characterization is still pretty good and does a great job at providing development for new and old characters. I especially love the scene where Chondra talks with an old friend from the show and we see where they both are nowadays in their lives. The dialogue isn’t too bad when it isn’t randomly cutting and there are some fun lines throughout. Heck, even when the plot gets too weird or confusing, you can’t help but feel curious about what the heck is going on in the story and want to know more. Maybe this style of storytelling is what Seeley is going for with the comic, but I wish it wasn’t as problematic or hard to follow at points.


The artwork by Marley Zarcone is still pretty good. Maybe to me personally, some of the facial features leave a bit to be desired or look off, but the artist does a great job when it comes to making his characters look unique from one another and showing emotion. You can always tell what a person is feeling just by looking at them in this book, which I rather like. The layouts are decent, the coloring is nice, and the trippy imagery in the book is certainly eye-catching and memorable looking. It may be a style that isn’t for everyone, but it works for this comic and that’s the most important thing.

Is It Good?

Effigy #3 is an issue that is good, but struggles a bit due to difficult and awkward storytelling at points. It makes the comic a tad frustrating to read, even with all of the great things it has going for it. It still has a strong cast of characters, writing that can be very good, and artwork that fits the book perfectly well. Effigy is still a strong read and I recommend it, but this was a slight drop from the last issue.


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