Although not the most even of series I still have great hopes for this show due to its flashes of potential and promise. Episode 6 came out today and I’m wondering: is it good?

Powers: Episode 6 “The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit” (Playstation Network)

This episode opens after the fallout of Wolfe (the big bad villain who recently broke from his shackles and killed a handful of normal cops) and the other characters’ reactions.

The campiness factor is most definitely cut back in this episode as characters are very serious, solemn and reflective. It’s a nice change of pace as it grounds things and makes the drama feel more real. Meanwhile other bad guy Johnny Royalle is hung up on the Hercules mythology, protagonist and ex-Power Walker is pretending everything is fine and Wolfe is back to where he was during the pilot.

Is that not the weirdest, funniest and most absurd text? Somebody change the name of that prison stat!

A new character is introduced and it’s none other than Deena Pilgrim’s father. It was alluded to earlier in the series by Walker that she may have daddy issues and this episode aims to prove it. He is most definitely the raconteur of the funeral service the cops are holding to say goodbye. Most of this episode takes place in this setting and it’s fun to watch the characters all approach the party in different ways. You can tell Walker is all too used to goodbye ceremonies, Pilgrim is just pissed her dad is milking everyone’s time with stories and Zora is trying to do the hero thing with a PR agent pulling her around.

The singular location of this episode strengthens things and keeps the narratives flowing and bouncing off one another nicely. Here’s hoping the show keeps the solid writing up because this is the strongest in regards to its balance.

Because this is going to raise a ton of money! What can you fit in there, a few coins and dollar bills?

A major revelation that I was wrong about last episode was the seeming death of guard and power drainer Triphammer. Sure it appeared his head was crushed by the super powered Wolfe last episode but sadly no. So goes this characters growing ego and power struggle. He ends up having one of the more dramatic and spine tingling moments in the episode that casts a bit of a shadow over our heroes. Here’s to hoping it pays off by seasons end.

I spy Michael Avon Oeming art!

Aside from this one major scene the episode cuts to Johnny Royalle and his blonde teenage…prodigy? Whatever Calista is to him she’s incredibly naive and annoying in this episode. Which is probably a good sign she’s well written and well acted, because what teenager isn’t naive and annoying? She tromps around upset, sleeps with a boy and proclaims Royalle is her best friend ever. Yah, okay…a 40 something Power who owns a bar and has a weird relationship with a homicidal killer. Great choice kid!

I think it’s time to finally call Susan Heyward’s acting as Pilgrim as the worst on the show currently. She just doesn’t land lines consistently, acts over-emotional or awkwardly spouts lines which throw off scenes. Given this could be partly the directors fault, but I’m growing bored of seeing Heyward screw up scenes.

For a guy who can teleport anywhere he sure has a small space to pin all his teleportation spots.

Is It Good?

The strongest episode of Powers in regards to balance between its stories and characters. Once again I’ve been given new faith in the show and can’t wait for next week’s episode. What a schizophrenically bad/good show –but I’ll take it!

Powers: Episode 6 “The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit” Review
Every character gets a moment and it all balances out nicelyStories never stall or go off the railsSome major developments are becoming interesting
Susan Heyward continues to have 2 or three odd bits of acting to throw off a scene or two every single episode now
9.5Overall Score
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