The end is getting closer and closer, and with so many things still happening no less. Let’s check out the penultimate issue. Is it good?

Hinterkind #17 (Vertigo Comics)

Prosper and her team are on the way to cave of Tiamat, possibly the last dragon in the world. If there’s one thing that would be strong enough to turn the tide of war with the Skinlings, it would be the dragon. However, the ride is not an easy one and not everyone will be getting to there alive.

Like I thought given the amount of time left, this issue was sadly rushed a bit. With so little time left to wrap up this big war, we are rushing to a conclusion with the heroes attempting to reach this dragon and then hopefully save the day. We are glossing over this big war where if we had more time, we would probably be seeing more about how the Sidhe would be holding their own. Prosper’s story also feels rushed with the sense it’s just killing characters off very abruptly and without any real fanfare to it, while also dropping some last minute reveals that probably would have been better developed over time (like it being revealed that Star has a son somewhere). Don’t get me wrong, the story here is good and is exciting at points (I still really want to see how this ends), but the pace is what hurts the comic the most.

The writing fares better in most areas at least. The story is still wrapping up everything as well as it can (still curious about whether or not the vampires are going to return) and seems to be covering every plot point and character arc. The dialogue is still decent and has some pretty good bits to it, like the opening scene for instance. Most of the characters get to have a good moment, and the pacing is very fast like I said, but isn’t difficult to follow. Honestly, if the story didn’t have to rush itself like it is and maybe if it had a few more issues (or even some extra pages), I could see this being a really great issue with how things are progressing.

Lastly, the artwork feels like a step up from previous issues. It presents some pretty good emotional beats and drama here with the characters, and the actual appearance and imagery with Tiamat is very appealing; the brief bits of war we see looking very well depicted and brutal. It does feel like the artist got to stretch himself a bit more with this issue, even though the layouts and coloring still leave a bit to be desired in the end. Still, hopefully this is a good sign that the comic will end with more solid art.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #17 was a decent penultimate issue for this series. It’s wrapping up things as well as it can (even though it definitely feels rushed), and it ends off on a potentially exciting note. It’s just disappointing that this series is having to end like this, with so much left to do or focus on. Hopefully, the next issue can give this series the proper closure it deserves.

Is It Good? Hinterkind #17 Review
Seems to be wrapping up nicely.Has some good character moments.Artwork feels better than usual here.
Feels rushed in areas and like it’s losing out on untapped potential.The layouts and coloring are still pretty forgettable.
7Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote

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