Big Man Plans has so far delivered one plan and a lot of flashback. Here’s to hoping that plan becomes plural this month, but is it good?

Big Man Plans #2 (Image Comics)

Last month, artist Eric Powell and writer Tim Wiesch brought us the meanest, most hardcore badass character to ever kick, kill and beat those that stepped into his way. This is partly due to his upbringing by a father who understood he’d have a harder life than most and to always stick up for himself. You see, our protagonist is a little person, but he’s bigger than most when it comes to guts.

Last issue introduced our character in a heavy way by delivering mostly flashbacks to his youth and his eventual tour in Vietnam. Since getting out he’s on a quest for revenge, but why or for what remains to be seen. The last issue didn’t delve too deeply in the “now” of 1979.

Issue #2 opens in Bumfuck, Tennessee (likely not a real place) where our protagonist has planned to take out his first act of revenge. I must say the story doesn’t reveal much as far as why he’s so hellbent on killing these bastards, but you will most assuredly know they deserve to die by issue’s end thanks to some hellish violence that takes place and some vile actions taken by the bad guys. As far as purpose and drive to continue reading there’s a fire lit this issue that’ll get you excited to see what happens next issue.

That’s just brutal.

The flow of the story also works quite well this issue—much better than the last—thanks in part to the art, but also the pacing. The story ebbs and flows nicely, which includes a brief flashback between our protagonist and his father. Overall the previous issue isn’t needed to enjoy the violence and vengeance going on in this issue, because our protagonist is so damn scary and hardened. You can see it right there on his face within all his wrinkled hate.

He’s got a little bit of the crazy eyes.

Which brings us to the art, which is gloriously well done with many interesting layouts. Powell uses a dreamlike smattering of images, separated by white space as if he didn’t bother between the scenes on each page. This helps make the horrible violence, anger and hate flow as if it were a lucid nightmare. This closes out the book though, and the first half is wrapped in traditional straight panels. I do love Powell’s use of color too, with a pop of red outlining a fist clenching a hammer for instance, or a perfect cut away shot of violence just vague enough to be even more horrific. Overall this artwork is master class and something I’m sure some kids could be inspired to become artists by.

Love that shirt.

Is It Good?

After a first issue that seemed to get off track from its story and focus on the protagonist the second issue has come on strong and won’t let its revenge filled heart let you go.

Is It Good? Big Man Plans #2 Review
Well balanced storyFantastic art that changes things up when beatings take placeA little more detail is revealed...
...but we're still not sure why the protagonist needs revenge
9Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes

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