To say I know nothing about Luther Strode is an understatement. Well, that’s not entirely true—I’m aware he’s some kind of badass, unbreakable character, but aside from knowing that and that Tradd Moore delivers some intense art for the character I couldn’t tell you what his deal was. So let’s see if this new #1 can shed some light on him. Is it good?

Legacy of Luther Strode #1 (Image Comics)

This issue opens “long ago” with a muscular character sharpening a jaw bone of some creature as he awaits a massive army to pull up and attack. He’s huge, cast in red and brings the hurt on this army of 10,000 plus. From there we witness him sleep with his lover and the book quickly cuts to “five years ago.” From there we follow Luther Strode, similarly built as the man from “long ago,” and his escaping imprisonment with his girlfriend. I’m assuming this is picking up where we left off with Strode but the book doesn’t do anything to inform us of why he’s handcuffed and being escorted by a police escort. The remaining issue doesn’t take us back to the opening character either, but here’s to hoping more is shed on this mysterious army-killing character.

Tell me that doesn’t look like a Greek wall mural!

The book as a whole keeps your interest up as it constantly shifts its action and attention. I can’t say the lack of backstory or context helps the comic, but it does create a sense of mystery that keeps you crossing your fingers that more will be revealed. Essentially, writer Justin Jordan opens the book showing us how powerful someone like Strode is, then pits him against someone of similar power to have showcase what it would be like if you were incredibly strong and unkillable. It’s a fun ride that’s nearly all action with a taste of story to open the book. Having not read a single Strode book I can safely say the story flows so well you’ll enjoy yourself without knowing a single detail. It’s all well paced action packed stuff and should entertain anyone looking for such.

She sure looks cheery for a woman who heard thousands of men scream to their deaths, eh?

The art by Tradd Moore is simply phenomenal. I loved his work on Ghost Rider last year and it remains just as kinetic in all its flowing energy. The opening battle sequence with the mysterious maid from long ago is fantastic and reminiscent of Greek wall murals from ancient times. There are a few panels that are almost flat, yet tell a story from left to right as he literally cuts through the limbs and bodies of the soldiers. This is aided by some fantastic color by Felipe Sobreiro as he casts the sky in an unearthly black and white while the rest is done in shades of red with black ink work. The remaining issue is filled with incredible storytelling via perfectly organized panels and choreographed action. Moore does wonders capturing your attention, then making you hang on the edge of every panel to see what these incredibly strong heroes can do. In one sequence Strode falls short of a truck, smashes and slides against concrete, then looks up and digs his fingers into the side of a fast car to catch a ride. It’s wild stuff and incredibly imaginative.


Is It Good?

This is a fun, action packed series that will at once capture your imagination due to its fantastical action and hero and have you hanging at the end of every panel wanting more.

Is It Good? Legacy of Luther Strode #1 Review
Action packed goodnessCompelling opening characterGreat choreography
So who is the opening character? Who is Strode for that matter?!
9Overall Score
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