Ultra Battle Satellite #1

Written & Drawn by Yusuke Utsumi

Jordan: Don’t worry folks. This is a manga. This guy getting punched will get up and walk away from this no problem…. I think.

Dog: Is that what’s happening? I see something that looks vaguely like a scorpion tail, and then some guy has an icicle through his head.

Dave: Speed lines are a fantastic way to show speed but also helpful when your skill at drawing is lacking.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood #1

Written & Drawn by Hirohiko Arakii

Jordan: “That guy is dead”? Man, what great deductive skills you have sir!

Dave: I think he had stake for dinner.

Dog: So in comics the go-to disfigurement is poppin’ eyeballs, and in manga it’s penetrated faces? Vive la différence!

One-Punch Man #1

Written by One | Art by Yusuke Murata

Jordan : I’ve never seen such a guy look so bored doing something incredibly epic.

Dog : Just another day in the studio for Moby.

Dave: Now that’s eye-popping!

Terra Formars #27

Written by Yu Sasuga | Art by Kenichi Tachibana

Jordan : Even aliens sometimes get weird ass hallucinations when they get high.

Dave: Fingering has new meaning and a new place in my nightmares.

Dog : Missing eyeballs AND face penetration! A book to bridge the cultural divide!

Black Clover #3

Written & Drawn by Yuki Tabata

Jordan: I feel that way after eating at McDonalds.

Dog: It’s a powerful colonic that gets high enough to wash your brain, too. Do you have to hook up to a hydrant for that?

Dave: I recently finished watching Attack on Titan where talking about one’s digestive system was the norm. I guess Japanese folks find poop as adequate a conversation as feeling happy or sad?

Takujo No Ageha: The Table Tennis of Ageha #3

Written & Drawn by Nobuaki Enoki

Jordan: A professional boob tester at work folks.

Dave: When fantasies take on a boring day job quality you know you’re oversexed.

Dog: And that’s how silicone was replaced with saline. True story.

E-Robot #1

Written & Drawn by Ryohei Yamamoto

Dave: Is it just me or is this e-robot lacking an erotic vagina?

Jordan: I don’t know about you, but that’s the really is sexiest armpit I have ever seen.

Dog: Actually, ya know what? I like this side of the divide. Erotic android weapons are a bridge too creepy. *runs back to skin-tight spandex and gratuitous violence*

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