King Caesar officially enters the fray in earth’s fight against the Cryogs/Trilopods. Is it good?

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #23 (IDW Publishing)


The issue with Mallory and Minette flashing back to a simpler, more innocent time—right before watching their mom get killed when she gets caught in a fight between Mothra and Kamacuras. Even though it looked like Mothra may have been trying to save her…and even though it was the twins’ fault that their mother was wandering a strange island trying to find them…they still blame Mothra for their mother’s death.

Back in the present, the twins give Battra a rousingly evil ‘Get Up, Rock!’ speech just in time for the creature to throw down with a newly awakened King Caesar. Trilopods show up. Much ass is kicked.


Is It Good?

Unfortunately, the narrative suffers beat down of its own. I get that these monsters are connected to the earth and have desires/emotions far beyond ‘SMASH AND DESTROY!’, but both Battra and King Caesar’s behavior is more than a little perplexing.

I also don’t quite buy into the twins’ reasoning for hating Mothra. If anything, they should hate Kamacuras.

You know what would have been even more terrifying? If instead of being a praying mantis, Kamacuras was a mantis shrimp.

As usual, the issue’s artwork is top notch, although the initial fight scene panels between King Caesar and Battra feel a little too boxed in. Fortunately, Matt Frank quickly opens things up, giving us his usual beautiful/thrilling action scene work.

But aside from that, the issue made me just want to get back to LA and see how Godzilla handles his Trilopod doppelgangers. This was a moderately fun diversion, but not compelling enough of a story to leave the series’ main event.

Is It Good? Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #23 Review
As usual, artist Matt Frank delivers some top notch kaiju fighting scenes.King Caesar is awesome.Kamacuras even makes an appearance!
The twins reasoning for hating Mothra is revealed...and it's kind of dumb. The monsters act a bit strangely, but not in a good way--more of a "why are they doing that?" way.This was a fun little diversion, but not a compelling enough narrative to abandon the main story for an entire issue.
6Overall Score
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