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Is It Good? Jupiter’s Circle #2 Review

The second issue in the highly acclaimed Jupiter’s Legacy series is here. To add to the excitement they’re making a movie of the original series, so maybe this book matters even more. Is it good?

Jupiter’s Circle #2 (Image Comics)

The funny thing about this issue is you don’t need to read issue #1 to understand what is going on. Mark Millar does his comic book writer’s duty and effectively recaps where we’re at since the last issue. It’s the 50s and the superheroes running the show are relatively new to their powers. The focus is on Blue-Bolt, a stand up guy, doctor by day and hero by night. Oh, he’s also gay. President Hoover has come by some pictures of Blue-Bolt kissing another man and he wants him to spill on the identities of all his teammates. This has put him into crisis mode and he’s not sure what to do. This issue resolves that conflict.

Here we go!

I can’t say writer Mark Millar had the best of plans here. The setup was fantastic last issue, but this issue sort of peters out. We basically rehash the conflict in this issue, see a clever fight scene in a Golden Age style, then it sort of resolves itself. I don’t want to ruin it, but if you’re a history buff you’ll know Hoover was rumored to be gay himself. Don’t get me wrong, there is drama here, but it’s more melodramatic than a satisfying story. Blue-Bolt makes a choice—a stupid one, but doesn’t have to pay for it. Instead he’s shown a world he and we didn’t expect. It feels a bit cheap since we were told in the last issue being openly gay is impossible. That said, maybe this leads somewhere, but as far as this story arc it ends in a “brush it under the rug” sort of way.

The art by Wilfredo Torres is spot on though and he’s a great choice for this era of superheroes. The opening pages show a clever way one of the heroes uses his secret human identity to beat the bad guys. The idea is clever, and the art is equally so, with a glint in their eyes and a smile on their faces. You’d be hard pressed to pick this up and guess it was in the same universe as Jupiter’s Legacy since it’s so cheery and reminiscent of a bygone era. Most likely the point, and Torres nails it.

Hmm, that’s clever.

Is It Good?

While a conclusion is welcome it comes at the price of feeling cheap and lacking. The art and a fun opening sequence almost make up for it. Almost.


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