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Is It Good? Copperhead #7 Review

Sheriff Clara Bronson’s got herself a date with a hot local teacher. Boo has a night off that’s turning out to be anything but. And through it all, a new criminal element decides to make its presence known. Is it good?

Copperhead #7 (Image Comics)


The issue opens with a frustratingly brief scene of Clara’s (alleged) husband beginning to give his account of their marriage. The action then abruptly shifts to Boo in Copperhead, whose night off just keeps getting worse.

But these are all appetizers for the main course, which is Sheriff Bronson going out to dinner with her blue-skinned suitor. Unfortunately, things aren’t going too well. Thaddeus seems like a nice guy and all, but Clara isn’t in the mood for conversation. She wants action.

“I know one part of you that won’t be blue after tonight…”

Things between the pair heat up quickly, but before Thaddeus can become one of the luckiest fictional men alive, the same people Broo encountered show up with guns blazing. Unfortunately for them, Bronson doesn’t need a gun to kick names and take ass. She also seems to have a guardian angel in the form of sniper-wielding Ishmael.

Meanwhile, the gang from before waits outside to move in. After thinking better of it, they decide on a tactical retreat. Considering their asset/hostage tied up in the back of their vehicle, they definitely still hold the advantage.

Is It Good?

Once again, Jay Faerber continues to do impressive work, this time with how she handles Clara’s personal interaction with a potential romantic interest. It would have been so easy (and lazy) to simply portray her as a damaged femme fatale who suddenly flips a porn star switch for an excuse to show a sex scene.

Instead, Clara’s behavior is completely organic in relation to we’ve seen so far… and totally believable. She clearly wants to like Thaddeus, but her past (which we’ve only learned about in carefully fed morsels) keeps her from making the emotional connection she thought/hoped herself capable of. On the other hand, she’s still a person with physical desires and the weight of the world on her shoulders. Thaddeus is an attractive man/alien who is clearly attracted to her. If not for the violent home invasion, this might have just ended up as a booty call or the first awkward steps in a real relationship. Who knows? Just like in real life, it’s not completely clear Faerber doesn’t telegraph anything, which is part of the reason the scene between these two works so well.


And then of course you have Bronson kicking ass in a night shirt, Ishmael scoring head shots from a tower, and what happens to poor Broo, all gorgeously rendered (as usual) by Scott Godlewski.

It is a little frustrating we don’t learn more about Bronson’s husband and what happened to them. I’m fine with the story being parceled out in small amounts, but the one page we got of it felt a little jarring compared to the rest of the issue, even with the compliment of Bronson broaching the subject over dinner. I also am a little confused as to what is happening to Broo. I would have rather we spent that extra page with Bronson’s ex on the kidnapper’s motivations instead, but I’m sure Faerber will come through as the arc progresses. This series has yet to let us down through seven issues.

With a new chapter exploring more of Bronson’s backstory while ramping up the threats and world building, Copperhead should continue to be a mandatory part of your pull list.


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