Let’s continue on with the world of Birthright. I missed reviewing the last issue due to computer problems, but I’m back now to check out the seventh. Is it good?

Birthright #7 (Image Comics)

Hiding out in the wilderness, Mikey and Brennan are working on a plan to track down the remaining mages. Mikey have an idea, but it could be dangerous and it involves some mystical blades. Meanwhile, there are other people currently on the hunt for them…

The last issue of Birthright was good and provided some good characterization and bonding between the brothers, but it didn’t really feel like the story went anywhere except for two plot points and it felt a tad slow. This issue’s story feels much improved for various reasons. First, the story feels like it has direction for where it wants to go with the introduction of the daggers. Second, we follow up on a couple of subplots that have been recently introduced and start some new ones, like with the mom beginning her own investigation and searching for her sons. Finally, we have a much stronger cliffhanger that really gives the book a new sense of urgency and intrigue on how our characters will handle this.

Joshua Williamson’s writing here is still going strong. The pacing is just right—the story allows for slow and thoughtful moments to happen alongside quick and intense sections. The story flows naturally from scene to scene without error. The characterization remains very good as we see the brothers talk with each other or check in on other minor characters. There’s still a minor bit of world building going on with the blades and how there are forces from Terrenos that have an impact on Earth that seem interesting. The dialogue is well handled and there is an amusing line here and there. Overall, there’s no real problem with the writing here at all.

The artwork by Andrei Bressan continues to look lovely. The characters are drawn well, with a nice amount of emotion and expression in their faces and body language (you can definitely see how well it’s done in the scene with Brennan talking to an employee at a Hunting Store with the nice subtleties going on with it). The layouts are easy to follow and the locations and backgrounds look interesting with the amount of detail in them. The mystical and fantasy elements, such as the fighting and mysterious force that the mages summoned in the last issue look great and are eye-catching. Add in Adriano Lucas’s luscious colors, especially in the fantasy portions, and you have a great looking book. The only weakness with the art that I could possibly name is the fact that the further away a character or thing is in a panel, the less detailed and uglier they look. Not normally a problem in most comics I find, but this weakness seems to stand out more in this series than in others.

Is It Good?

Birthright #7 is a great issue and continuation of the story. If you were worried that the first issue of this new arc was going a bit too slow, this one should put your fears aside. The story is really picking up with a lot of interesting new developments and plots going on, alongside a shocking cliffhanger that is sure have you coming back for the next issue. With issues as strong as this one, I’m more excited than ever to see where Birthright will take us next.

Is It Good? Birthright #7 Review
Strong story and ending.The writing is really good.The artwork looks very lovely.
9.5Overall Score
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