Why aren’t there more stories about movie directors? Seriously, they live amazing lives, date supermodels and make things only the most creative among us can dream up become reality. They’re basically modern day war generals who manage hundreds of people all in the effort to make a single two hour piece of art. They must keep their integrity high but also sell out at least a little bit to fill seats. It’s a fantastic role that requires ego, charm and a good sense of crazy. I take a look at the new sequel of sorts to Oni Press’s director-as-protagonist series The Auteur. Is it good?

The Auteur: Sister Bambi #1 (Oni Press)

Full disclosure, I didn’t read the entire first series and I imagine a lot of you reading this haven’t either. Good, we’re on the same page. That’s okay though, because the premise really only requires you to know that the protagonist is a director who has crazy ideas. Oh, and that this comic gets very graphic very quickly. This issue opens on our protagonist pitching his movie idea to 50-something triplets who want to bankroll his next picture even though he’s been blacklisted out of Hollywood.

That’s pretty funny.

Writer Rick Spears has got himself one insane comic book and it reminds me a bit of a series called Man vs. Rock. That comic, like this one, is not afraid to use subject matter that might rub some the wrong way. Racism, sexual depravity and gratuitous sex are all things you’ll run into this comic so if you aren’t a fan of dark humor or humor that at the very least crosses some lines you should steer clear. Of course material like this often goes too far simply to shock, but I didn’t find the material of that type here. Instead it pushes the line to bring the funny and while I may not have laughed myself out of a chair while reading this I did have myself a few chuckles.

Spears has this comic bounce around a bit, first flashing back to remind us why our protagonist is even talking to racist triplets and again to see his pitch. This kicks the pace up a notch and makes the comic feel light on its feet. As it bounces around like a fast boxer, the humor comes from the sheer insanity of what we’re seeing. Heads explode, busty nuns get shot at and cacti talk. It’s all very fun, wild and something you might imagine seeing on Adult Swim.

The art by James Callahan is fun and animated with great detail given to faces and the gore that’s always ready to explode out from them. It has a cartoony nature to it though, which lends itself to the humor and makes even the most grotesque gore funny. Even the breasts look comical due to his ability to make things that are supposed to be real otherwordly. It’s also a very unique style and one that sends you into the reality of the story very well. Since it’s like nothing else you’ve seen it effectively catapults you into his and the writer’s imagination very well.

They seem a little too interested, right?

Is It Good?

This is a fun and funny comic that’s fast on its feet and always interesting. If you’re not laughing by issue’s end you’re at the very least going to be wondering why comics aren’t all this unique.

Is It Good? The Auteur: Sister Bambi #1 Review
Art is detailed in just the right ways to be comicalFunny book if you like twisted, dark humorFast paced
Humor style may rub some the wrong way
9Overall Score
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