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Is It Good? Thor #8 Review

From Iceman coming out as gay to the deaths of Wolverine and Bruce Wayne, taking risks with established properties in the world of comics is big business these days. Marvel did the same with a rebooted Thor featuring a woman wielding Mjolnir for the first time, but up until now we still haven’t had any idea just who she is. That changes today. Is it good?

Thor #8 (Marvel Comics)

The first seven issues of Jason Aaron’s Thor have been quite engaging, even if it has largely felt like we’re in the feeling out process. To recap the past few issues: Roxxon Corp brokers a mutually beneficial, shady deal with Malekith which is sure to spell destruction for multiple realms. The former Thor has been demoted to simply Odinson as he has come to grips with the fact that this mysterious woman has been chosen by the legendary hammer. His pops, otherwise known as the All-Father, is not so accepting of change, though—he’s been hel-bent on taking what he believes is rightfully his son’s property, even getting his morally dubious brother, the God of Fear Cul Borson involved in the re-procurement effort. Meanwhile, the god formerly known as Thor, wracked with jealousy, tries to deduce just who this new Thor is.

Let’s just get into the big reveal, as that’s what most people are going to be interested in here. Despite FKA Thor being sure it had to be Agent Solomon, turns out it’s actually Jane Foster, which is an interesting choice, and honestly while it should have been obvious I wasn’t really thinking Aaron was going to go in that direction. We’ve seen her apparently dying of cancer while refusing magical, Asgardian treatments, instead insisting on “primitive” Earth remedies such as chemo. After we see the reveal, she mentions that she will uphold the mantle of Thor, even as it kills her. Maybe it’s not actually cancer? It gives a reason as to why she’s refusing more sure-thing treatments for her ailment.

All in all, an interesting choice, and the reveal itself was very well done. There were a couple teases halfway through the issue, but we don’t actually find out until the last page. It answers the glaring question, but leaves us with a few more that leave us waiting for the next installment. Questions like, why? and how? that should be a lot of fun to see answered as the series goes on.

Other than that, mechanically, the comic is solid. Jason Aaron pens an engaging narrative as always, and the artwork by Russell Dauterman is excellent. Characters are emotive, have a strong presence, and are just plain fun to look at, and the backgrounds looks great as well. Also, the panel layouts are varied enough to where it’s hard to be bored with this comic. Overall, some great stuff from both the writing and art teams, as we’ve come to expect from this series.

Is It Good?

The mystery is finally solved. Well, this mystery anyway. Aaron has carefully crafted a captivating tale here that leaves us with even more questions, but done so in a way that is a joy for the reader to try to piece together themselves. Add in some kickass artwork and tons of guest appearances, and what we’re left with is an issue that’s not to be missed.


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