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Is It Good? Spider-Verse #1 Review

The last year has brought us plenty of Spider-Man stories and literally plenty of Spider-Man characters as they came from other dimensions to save themselves. Now all of their dimensions have collided into Battleworld and Marvel’s summer event. Issue #1 is here…is it good?

Spider-Verse (Secret Wars Tie-In) #1 (Marvel Comics)

Since this is a fresh start for the most part new readers should have an easy time slipping into this series. The main focus is on Spider Gwen who is, at least for this issue, the main protagonist. The issue opens on her taking out the Jackal who’s digging up bodies in a cemetery. Spider-Man UK, Spider-Girl aka Anya Sofia Corazon and Spider-Man India are also alive and well, but all four of them feel like they don’t necessarily belong in the world they’re in. In fact they’re a bit perplexed as they have memories, but another life seems to be calling to them. It’s particularly weird for Gwen as she learns she’s actually dead and buried.

Kick and punch!

Writer Mike Costa writes a solid issue here with some nice surprises and good weaving in of the nature of the world these characters now live in. It doesn’t necessarily tie into Battleworld just yet, although Osborn does praise Doom as a god, but this story is more about the Spider characters than anything else. Truly what makes this issue sing is the characterization of Gwen who’s very strong, pippy and fun to read. She’s got some pep in her step which makes her incredibly fun to read. Spider-Gwen fans will not be disappointed, that is for sure. The big reveal near the end of the issue is a nice surprise too and should make the second issue a bit more fun and goofy. I don’t want to ruin it here, but the reveal gets its own backup story which is quite funny and actually makes sense for the character.

Love her narration.

The art by Andre Araujo is very organic and feels a bit sketchy which lends itself to a Spider-Man centric comic. They’re all bendy and filled with energy, just like Araujo’s pencils. Punches feel a bit more realistic due to the elastic look and feel of faces and he does a top notch job with the layouts too. The backup is drawn by Steven Sanders and Jim Campbell and has a more cel-shaded look. This actually fits the backup story’s main character quite nicely as he’s so cartoony and outlandish.

Seriously that lasso guy was silly right?

Is It Good?

This is fun tie-in that doesn’t necessarily tie-in too closely, at least so far, but instead works on the characters. Spider-Gwen fans should go gaga for this one.


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