All Luke Skywalker wants is to be a great Jedi. At least that’s the major storyline going on in Marvel’s Star Wars comic book reboot. So far it’s been a fun little ride, but how is issue #5, is it good?

Star Wars (2015-) #5 (Marvel Comics)

The first few issues of this first story arc started with an action sequence pitting our favorite Star Wars heroes against Darth Vader himself. In that fight Luke realized he’s not a quarter of the Jedi he should be and so he’s flying back to Tatooine this issue to see if Obi-Wan left him something, anything to help him with his training. Meanwhile Han Solo and Leia are off on a mission of their own to find a new base for the Republic.

Now that’s detail.

Jason Aaron writes a solid issue here with Boba Fett taking up a lot of comic page real estate. That’s a good thing for the super fans and they won’t be disappointed. Fett gets to show some of his skills in obtaining information — this of course means acts of torture and violence and this leads him to that fateful cantina Obi-Wan made a deal with Han Solo at for departure. These are fun pages to read, even though they feel like they go on a bit too long. The Han Solo and Leia section is also fun, mostly because Aaron nails their bickering relationship. It feels like an extra scene lost from the films and very at home with the characters.

Meanwhile Aaron writes Luke’s story in a bit of a drab way. He’s fearful, doesn’t know a lick about being a Jedi and wants so desperately to learn. He’s basically not the most strong of characters to root for at this juncture. It’s also not very surprising what happens and, even though the cliffhanger should bring with it some fun action, we know the outcome will be predictable. Of course having the story set between the first two films nullifies any real danger for the heroes, but even Luke’s story is easy to telegraph from scene to scene.

The art by John Cassaday works for the most part and he simply nails the Boba Fett scenes. He looks fantastic and the detail he puts into all the aliens at the bar scene are so detailed you’d be hard pressed to not imagine this as another scene from the movies. I was a bit let down in his depiction of Han Solo from time to time though and the sequence he’s in is more cramped than it needed to be. Overall the art continues to look great and it’ll be a shame issue #6 will be his last.

It’s funny because they’re going to have babies together.

Is It Good?

Boba Fett fans rejoice as it’s his time to shine in the latest issue. The stories aren’t the most riveting, but if you wanted more Han Solo/Leia bickering you came to the right place.

Is It Good? Star Wars #5 Review
Boba Fett scenes look phenomenalSolo/Leia banter is fun and fits right in with the films
Luke gets a story that's predictable and he's hard to root for being all whiney and scared
7Overall Score
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