It’s funny to think the 2099 line of Marvel comics was in the 616 universe. I say this because the 616 universe was just destroyed, but the 2099 characters were saved… so does that mean there wasn’t a single year in Marvel history worth saving outside of 2099?

It doesn’t matter because that fateful year gets its own Secret Wars tie-in. Is it good?

Secret Wars 2099 (2015) #1 (Marvel Comics)

The team that brought you Spider-Man 2099 the last few months is back; Miguel is here, but is he Spider-Man, and more importantly who are these wild and weird new Avengers? This is by far my favorite tie-in so far partly because it brings us closer to a new version of a character we know and love first rather than dropping us into the middle of action.

Peter David writes a strong issue here as we meet the new Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. They all work, especially for one familiar character (I won’t ruin that here) and they fight crime like they always have. The character designs are interesting and it’s nice to see a female Captain America with some muscle on her. She’s reminiscent of Wonder Woman in some sense due to her serious attitude, but also her bulk. She looks like she could stop a train and it’s a fantastic choice in making her more of a stubborn hard nosed character. David makes her interesting, but also likeable because there’s some damage inside that character worth checking out.

Somebody is clueless

The story follows a typical comic book structure in some sense: a fight sequence occurs, characters mess up, but also win the day. David weaves in a bit of a lesson about treating women fairly which is fantastic and adds value to the overall story. Opening the issue with Black Widow also makes her immediately interesting and David makes her dating trials and tribulations interesting. Iron Man is also interesting right off the bat as he has a relationship with a pre-cog Vision that should reap some excellent storytelling elements. Really the only character not fully introduced in this issue was Hawkeye and that’s not too bad. David nails all the characters attitudes and attributes very well.

Artist Will Sliney doesn’t get to draw his usual lean and muscular Spider-Man in this issue, but he does get to show off some inspired character designs. Iron Man looks particularly mechanical and the femme Captain America look is simply fantastic. Sliney has a way of adding interesting details to the surroundings which help set scenes nicely. He’s clearly a master at drawing the human form though (a great example is Hercules in this issue) as they always look impressive, yet believable.

Falling never looked so good.

Is It Good?

The best Secret Wars tie-in yet with a very compelling cast of characters, dynamics between them, and exciting action.

Is It Good? Secret Wars 2099 #1 Review
Great new character designs Character dynamics are interestingGreat detail in the scenes
Hawkeye doesn't get as much development
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 5 Votes

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