Copperhead #8 gives us a look at how things are going for the kidnapped and captive Boo. Is it good?

Copperhead #8 (Image Comics)


…but first, we get an intro showing us more than a few reasons why Clara wants nothing to do with her husband, including a reveal that was genuinely shocking.

After that, we get down to business. Boo is a predictably bad hostage, fighting with his captors and generally making their lives hell. It’s a pretty standard plot device, but one of the bad guys being the same race as Boo gives us some great dialogue between the two. It also gives us a good deal more insight into how the planet is coping with the end of what must have been a massive civil war.

Is It Good?

For the most part, yes it is.

The issue starts to veer into some seriously scary territory near the end, though. Not scary good, but scary in the sense that it felt like the villains were about to become stars in a Saturday morning cartoon. Any time the hero starts to outsmart the bad guys by telling one of them “you should be person in charge,” I start to cringe.


Fortunately, Faerber ends on a great cliffhanger right before things could tumble down that narrative garbage chute. Before that, however, the band of outlaws provide an enjoyable dynamic, particularly when the poop hits the fan during a seemingly random sniper attack.

As usual, the artwork by Godlewski is superb. This issue does suffer a bit without having Clara in it, but not as much as you would figure. Faerber makes the most of Boo’s predicament to give us yet another enjoyable installment in this series.

Is It Good? Copperhead #8 Review
Despite Clara not appearing, Faeber makes good use of this Boo-centric issue to explore the character's personality and backstory.The art by Scott Godlewski is (as usual) superb.The band of outlaws (particularly the one who's the same race as Boo) provide a great dynamic...
...except for the part where they almost fall for a Saturday morning cartoon trick.
8Overall Score
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