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Is It Good? Rick and Morty #3 Review

It has become a lot easier to name a couple adult animated TV shows since Adult Swim took over, but a good one is still hard to find, particularly if you’re looking for something a bit edgier. I was fortunate enough to discover Rick and Morty recently. it’s a perfect blend of subtle inappropriate goings on and science fiction, and I can’t wait for the second season to start July 26th. To curb the wait though we have the comic by Oni Press…is it good?

Rick and Morty #3 (Oni Press)

This is a continuation of a story that got Rick and Morty stuck in a intergalactic maze created by Rick. He was able to get Morty out and this issue opens on a few changes Morty is going through back at home. From there the issue deals with a crab that clones its host to assimilate itself into society. The issue also contains a backup story reflective of the cover as we learn there is an alternate universe where Morty is the smart one and Rick is the dumb one.

Something is not quite right.

Writer Zac Gorman writes a pretty solid issue here that feels right at home with the series. Morty goes off the rails for awhile creating an effective setup for the family to be outraged and frightened by him. This issue understands the characters very well; everything feels honest to the show and it all feels like a lost episode. Like most lost episodes though it doesn’t bring as many laughs as the show, but it still does a nice job bringing a chuckle or two.

With a comic like this it’s best to read the voices as they sound from the show and I can’t stress how important it is to getting the comedic timing down with the dialogue. This issue doesn’t quite have as many laughs as the previous issues, partially due to Rick only appearing in a few pages, but the dramatic finale is set up very nicely for a good laugh.

The backup is incredibly twisted and reminded me of the episode where Morty gets a love potion from Rick and it all ends with them burying their alternate future selves. It’s incredibly messed up what they witness and it serves as a cold reminder that humanity can be a cruel bastard.

The art by CJ Cannon continues to do the show justice with a very similar style. Considering he doesn’t have a ton to work with in this issue in the realm of science fiction, Cannon does a good job pacing the action and setting up the dramatic beats. There was one panel I was a tad confused on, one in which the mother is standing behind Summer, but aside from that it’s a solid rendition of the show. It’s so spot on I’m curious how he draws elsewhere.

Being in a maze sucks.

Is It Good?

Rick and Morty #3 is a great way to hold off the murderous desire to watch season 2. It harbors the show’s spirit perfectly and is worth a laugh.


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