After being away for far too long, Batgirl has returned this month and is ready to start its brand new story arc with new villains, a new status quo, a new colorist and a brand-new Batman in town! Is it good?

Batgirl #41 (DC Comics)


Batgirl #41 is still a lot of fun and a great point for new readers to jump on. There’s a new villain, Robo-Bunny-Batman entering the scene and a familiar player arriving in Burnside. On one hand, it’s different and anice change of pace after the big arc. On the other hand, the comic doesn’t feel like it has as much focus or direction, which may disappoint some who wanted something a bit meatier to chew into it.

Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher continue to do a great job on writing duties. The characterization remains solid, especially now Babs is finally in the clear of all that depressing, dark baggage that had been surrounding her since the very beginning. She’s bright, happy, cheerful and fights bad guys without long inner narration monologues. What’s not to like? Though probably the best characterization and moments in Batgirl #41 goes to the scene with Jim and Barbara, showing a really great family moment and strong connection that I haven’t seen from the two in a very long time. The only part that seems off with the character work is with Jim himself and how he seems strangely cool and fine with capturing all the vigilantes in Gotham now. Maybe it’s something that will be explained later, but it felt off to me.

Barbara represents all of those people who are complaining about the lack of a mustache.

The dialogue is full of personality and emotion, helping to bolster the character development and great sense of humor the series has exhibited. The pacing is just right and the humor is still on point and catches you off guard most of the time in a good way. The only problem I had with the writing is that this whole new subplot with Robo-Bat and Batgirl seems like we are covering familiar ground story-wise. Other than that, there are not many complaints to be had with this outing.

Babs Tarr continues on as the series’ artist and she’s flying solo this time. Stewart no longer provides breakdowns for her, though she does have some slight help from Joel Gomez. You can definitely notice the change, since the layouts and panels aren’t as cramped together as before. Tarr’s layouts feel much more relaxed and aren’t afraid to take liberty with space. Serge Lapointe is on coloring duties this time and his colors are far lighter and faded in areas than Maris Wicks’ are. Now, with all of that said, the artwork still looks great, just a bit different than before. The layouts are still nice, the characters look great and are very expressive (Tarr did seem to up the anime vibes in facial reactions though), the colors are pretty, and the action is exciting. All in all, it’s still a great looking book.

To be fair… you know, forget fair. Seriously man, what were you thinking?!

Is It Good?

Batgirl is back and is just as good as ever in Batgirl #41. While lighter on story and also having slightly different artwork, the comic is still a great ride. Check it out.

Is It Good? Batgirl #41 Review
Good start to a new arc and new reader friendly.Characterization and writing are solid.Different artwork, but it still holds up fine.
Some Jim Gordon plot points feel off.Unfocused storyline.
9Overall Score
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