After by far its best installment yet (in this reviewer’s opinion, anyway), Deep State returns for another issue. Is it good?

Deep State #7 (Image Comics)


After a contentious debriefing, Agent Brand heads outside to the parking lot, where a friend from her past attempts to kill her for friend-zoning him (no seriously). Meanwhile, Agent Harrow receives a mysterious package at his supposedly unlisted/off grid residence.

From there, things begin to unwind as the two agent race to figure out who is trying to kill them. Unfortunately for them, it turns out that this wasn’t anywhere near the most important question to be asking.

Is It Good?

Er..I’ll tell you when I’ve figured out what the heck is going on.

On one hand, the dialogue between Brand and Harrow is great. Ariela Kristantina’s art has also started to find it’s stride, giving us some really great images (especially the big one at the diner).

But Justin Jordan’s plot, while interesting, seems a little too convoluted at this point, especially with the big reveal at the end. Don’t get me wrong—there is plenty of potential for this to be great, but it just as easily could fly off the rails into Twin Peaks Season 2 territory.

I will say that I like the idea of the program being used to ‘push’ people towards the control directives. It’s much better than the usual mind control tropes and opens up some cool story possibilities…which we will hopefully get to see in the next issue.

Is It Good? Deep State #7 Review
Kristantina's art is finding it's stride, giving us some striking and beautiful imagery.The dialogue between Harrow and Brand is good (as usual)
The issue's big reveal leaves a lot more questions than answers, and not in the good way.The plot could still be good, but there's also a huge amount of potential for a very contrived resolution.
6.5Overall Score
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