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Is It Good? Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1 Review

Apparently the Green Lantern Corps no longer exist after some events in Green Lantern (haven’t been reading myself). So what happens now to all of those Green Lanterns? Well, Cullen Bunn (writer of The Sixth Gun) and Jesus Saiz (artist of Swamp Thing) have a story to tell. Is it good?

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1 (DC Comics)

Picking up right where the sneak peek left off: John Stewart, several other Lanterns, and the renegade Krona are stuck in an unknown sector of space with nowhere to go or any idea of how to proceed. Well, besides fight these weird energy things that want to wipe them out and figure out a way back home, that is. However, that’s all easier said than done, especially when they are starting to run low on battery power.

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1 is a good book that shows some promise. It’s setup with some characterization, a little story, and a dash of action to boot. It establishes quickly the desperate situation that the characters are stuck in and the mystery going on. However, it doesn’t do much beyond that and having the characters make some guesses in terms of story (Heck, even the cliffhanger isn’t that big). It’s intriguing at least and it’s also pretty new reader friendly, since you really don’t need to know much about what has been happening in the current Green Lantern books to read this comic.

As for the other areas of the writing, Bunn does an admirable job here without having many hiccups that may have lessened the experience. The characterization is good with most everyone getting to have a moment to establish the type of individual they are or even getting a bit of backstory. The pacing was quick and made the story go by fast, so the comic is a breezy read, even with a lot of text and dialogue at times. Speaking of dialogue, it was good as well. The conversations and exchanges between the characters to even the small bits of humor were handled nicely, like when a new Lantern appears. Probably the only lacking part in the comic was that it wasn’t very exciting or as thrilling as it could have been, even with the action at the beginning. At least the banter and mystery do keep you engaged.

Saiz’s artwork still looks beautiful, but didn’t feel like he was able to stretch himself as much in this particular issue. The characters are drawn exceptionally well, from expressions to body language to even the small little details in their alien appearance and outfits. The locations are a bit lacking admittedly, since most of the time you only see the characters in the sky with a starry background around them, but they still look decent at least. Probably the weakest part of the art is the action. Now, the artist is quite capable of drawing the Green Lantern powers fairly well, but the enemies’ appearance and “fighting” was just weak. I mean, they look like warped star bits from Super Mario Galaxy and barely seemed like a threat even though the characters assured us they were dangerous. They just seem to float around in space and it looks like the characters only get hurt by flying haphazardly into them.

Is It Good?

Green Lantern: The Lost Army #1 is a solid start to this new series. It’s very new reader friendly and does a great job with establishing this big cast of characters and providing an air of mystery to the book. Its downsides are in the fact that it isn’t all that exciting. The story is very light currently, and the artwork, while looking fantastic, wasn’t utilized to its full potential. All in all, I recommend this book if you are fan of Green Lantern and want to see a book involving the other Lanterns.


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