One of the most compelling things about period shows like Mad Men or Masters of Sex is the surprising amount of similarities those time periods share with today’s society. Like it or not some things don’t change, or have barely changed since, which is why Mark Millar’s spin off series is so great.

Jupiter’s Circle #4 is set in the ’50s with Golden Age heroes and it’s a reminder that even our grandparents weren’t always so innocent. That’s a lot of drama to mine: is it good?

Jupiter’s Circle #4 (Image Comics)

Set in two-part stories, Jupiter’s Circle #4 closes what was started last issue, which at its core is a story about a man going through a midlife crisis. Problem is he’s also a superhero known as The Flare with a wife and kids. Last issue we saw him leave her for a 19 year old blonde who has no powers and had the balls to ask his superhero team members if she could join. Now they’re living together and living it up.

Writer Mark Millar opens this issue with a bunch of teenage superheroes throwing their girlfriend in the air and catching them for thrills. The teens are drinking and smoking weed and The Flare pathetically tries to fit in. From there the script goes down a very predictable road with characters promising things, acting ignorant and eventually following down a tragically boring road. The moments are tender and feel genuine, but they are so phoned it I can’t imagine anyone caring. There’s nothing new here. The only pro I can see is fans of the original series finding out why his son goes on to do very bad things. To take two issues to tell this story is a crying shame though.

What a downer.

The pace is nice though and this mini story gets a good action sequence too. This series as a whole has a great pace, which isn’t too fast but isn’t too slow either. It’s a nice slowly building type of story that is all about character and those who love stories chock-full of characterization should love it. But…it’s just nothing new and way too predictable.

The art by Wilfredo Torres continues to be an excellent pairing with the time and place as it’s simple and well designed. This may in part be due to so many panels going the cinematic widescreen route but it’s not all the same. It is however simplistic and that lends itself to a story that’s more about the people and ultimately what they say that carry things forward.

That doesn’t seem safe!

Is It Good?

Predictable, done before story with not a lot to add. It does look fabulous and is told well so that’s something.

Is It Good? Jupiter's Circle #4 Review
Looks fabulous and paced greatWell told
Been there done thatPredictableA let down
4Overall Score
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