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Is It Good? The Wicked + The Divine #12 Review

As we recover from of issue 11, the aftermath of those events start a new arc, “Commercial Suicide”. Is it good?

The Wicked + The Divine #12 (Image Comics)

This issue opens a 6 part story arc, in which each issue is going to focus on one particular god, and is being drawn by a different artist. This issue features Baal as the god, but the greater focus is on a regular human, Cassandra’s former intern, Beth.

Beth has a new team, and they are trying to put together a documentary honoring the fallen Inanna, but Beth hasn’t lost her extreme bitterness. She not only was fired, but also lost out on becoming a god when the Norns transformed. The team also has their suspicions about the death of Laura and her family, and no one seems to know about Laura’s transformation moments before her death.

Beth wants something unique for their documentary and she manages to…persuade Baal to give them some footage in exchange for getting him in to see the Morrigan, of course to get info on Baphomet. Baal’s confession is how much he loved Inanna, and he wants his revenge.

A confrontation, a revelation. The beginning of the aftermath.

Is It Good?

We’re now in the mourning period for the shockers of issue 11, and things are pretty bleak. I feel especially bad for Laura, who only got to enjoy her godhood for a few perfect moments, but no one knows and possibly will ever know.

Even though things are dark, this story continues to be incredibly compelling. Gillen and McKelvie have created such a deep world and they have sucked me in completely. And since this book is built on both Gillen’s writing and McKelvie’s art, it’s a big risk to switch out artists like they are going to be doing over the next six issues.

However, Kate Brown did a fantastic job with this issue. It did throw me a bit to see these characters with a different style, but Brown made them familiar while still staying true to her style. I especially liked her action sequences and layouts.

I know answers are going to come slowly, and the focus on a different god each issue will keep our information limited, but as always, I’m willing to follow where the team is leading. And hopefully we will see Laura again soon.


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