Renew Your Vows was one of my favorite tie-in first issues from this Secret Wars event and gosh darn it I hope it keeps the standards high! Last issue we find out Spider-Man quit being a hero because a new villain calling himself Regent took over. He killed and took on all the powers of most of the heroes, but some are still left. Will Spidey become a hero again and more importantly, is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 (Marvel Comics)

This issue opens with Spidey dreaming about how he killed Venom. This all happened last issue, but it’s done with a very nice painting style look and feel that gives it that extra oomph to make any recap worth it. He’s woken from this nightmare by his daughter who’s sleeping on the ceiling. Uh oh! We quickly find out he’s given her a bracelet that hides the fact that she’s a super. Peter has one too because they must hide from Regent’s always searching eyes for superheroes.

Marvels reference!

Dan Slott writes a pretty good issue here, with a major focus on family, especially his now older daughter. Her powers are manifesting and it has become a problem. One might think Peter is a coward for hiding, especially when he’s snapping pictures of the last remaining heroes getting their butts kicked, but Slott does a great job making it clear he’s making this sacrifice for his family. Honestly after reading this you’ll realize this is the strongest example of a hero having to hide his identity to protect his family. Usually it’s a semi-laughable choice because figuring out the identity of a hero is tough, but here it’s a must because the bad guy has a way of tracking you, even in hiding.

Luckily this is the main thrust of the issue and it works. On top of this we get to see more of Regent and a taste of his plans for world domination. He’s still a rather flat villain as he sits on a throne and grins, but at least he looks cool. There’s also a slight reveal of an underground resistance at work, but it’s a bit surprising Peter hasn’t heard about it after all these years. I guess they haven’t revealed themselves yet?

Kids, amirite?!

The main thrust of the issue occurs when Peter fears his daughter is a target of Regent. He and MJ rush to the scene and it’s meaningful because the danger is very real. There’s a bit of a bait and switch here, but it’s used to progress the plot and that’s all that matters.

The art by Adam Kubert continues to be a breath of fresh air. The man can make people walking on the street look interesting and one wonders when looking at his work why he hasn’t directed a movie yet! The double page spreads, even though no action is taking place, are epic and awesome all at once. He has to draw a lot of children in this issue which look good, albeit a few are pretty creepy, but heck maybe that’s the way of the future.

Nice look!

Is It Good?

This is a good issue that doesn’t quite top the first issue due to a lack of action, but it’s still very good reading.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2 Review
Breathlessly great artThe plot thickens!Peter as a parent is well rendered
Not a lot of actionMore of a set up for the next issue
8.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 8 Votes

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