Godzilla: Rulers of Earth comes to a close with its twenty-fifth issue. Is it good?

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25 (IDW Publishing)


Godzilla’s got himself in a bit of a pickle. Trilopod hybrids are coming at him from all directions and the only help he’s got is Jet Jaguar… or so he thinks! Thanks to an incredibly stupid decision by Woods (sigh), some pretty awesome reinforcements are able to come and lend a hand.

One of said reinforcements is arguably the most awesome cameo we’ve had in the entire series (save for his other appearance), but the whole fight is off the wall insane (in a good way). And that’s before Gigan and a new monster emerge to join in the fun, as well.

Meanwhile, the Cryogs continue to squabble, but to writer Chris Mowry’s credit, it gets pretty real at the end. There’s also some stuff with the humans, but I was too distracted by the awesome kaiju action to notice and/or care.

The books ends with a lot of awesome and a touch of sadness, just like many Godzilla stories tend to do, but you’ll have to read it yourself for the specifics…

Is It Good?

…but honestly, those don’t really matter too much. This issue was a perfect microcosm of everything I have loved and hated about this series.

For starters, artists Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow, and colorist Priscilla Tramontano bring their A game and then some. I know we were all expecting that for the series finale, but you really have no idea. It’s crazy. In fact, it’s almost too much. A horde of kaiju going completely nuts on each other is awesome in theory, but there was so much going on that became difficult to keep track of who was kicking whose ass.

“Aaarrgghh! Someone is using their thumbs in a very uncool way!”

To make up for it, writer Chris Mowry allowed the art team to give one of the most hated figures in Godzilla lore a truly incredible moment. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then trust me when I say this creature’s appearance alone makes the book worth picking up. And even if the fight scenes were a little disjointed at times, the artwork is simply stunning on its own.

The story is pretty good, too… until the humans get involved. I swear, Woods might be the dumbest man alive. Lucy’s actually started to grow on me over the course of the series, but I still don’t think she was worth saving over the rest of Los Angeles. The Cryogs actually were pretty cool in this one, though— especially with the way the Mowry finished their story. I’d still much rather see the creative team do stuff with the kaiju, but they were finally starting to win me over with the alien plot.

Unfortunately, this is it for the talented group of folks who put together Godzilla: Rulers of Earth for the last two years. I didn’t always like the direction of the book, but I can’t deny that it was still a lot of fun. Thank you for bringing Big G and his supporting cast to life. I’m sure we’ll see all of you (and him) creating more kaiju chaos very soon.

Is It Good? Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25 Review
Kaiju...KAIJU EVERYWHERE! Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow, and Priscilla Tramontano go completely nuts, giving us the most massive monster melee you can imagine.There is a very big, very cool cameo for a monster who definitely needs a little more love right now.
There's so much going on that it's hard to keep up with who is kicking whose ass.Woods is an idiot.It's the last issue. 🙁
7.5Overall Score
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