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Is It Good? Oh, Killstrike #3 Review

A comic book about comic books doesn’t come around every day, and when it does meta fanatics eat them up. There’s just something about fiction that gives the readers in the know a wink and a nod that puts a twinkle in your eye. So far Oh, Killstrike has been a pleasure of a read with plenty of laughs and I’m totally sucked into the mystery. Issue #3 of this four part series is here, but is it good?

Oh, Killstrike #3 (BOOM! Studios)

For those of you just joining this series who haven’t read the first three issues please turn to page 7 (counting the cover) and read the top left panel. Yes, that one is for you, a little ribbing of those fools (are they even real?!) who don’t read the first two issues of a four part series. That is one reason why this series is great, the other is the subtle humor knocking chauvinism in comics, the many heroes and their plethora of pouches and ultimately the joy that is collector issues.

You can eat your shame!

You see Killstrike is a classic 90’s comic that was so bad every issue was destroyed or lost. Now it’s worth a fortune, and our protagonist Jared rushed to his copy only to discover Killstrike in the flesh demanding they team up to serve his deadbeat father some bloody justice. Last issue Jared and Killstrike kidnapped the artist his father worked with back in the 90’s and now it’s just a matter of getting the info out of his head to find out where the long lost father is now.

This is yet another fun issue, particularly for those who love cosplay at conventions and those who love socc—err, I mean football. Yes, I’m well aware those two things are not very similar, but if you give this issue a shot you’ll learn how and why. Both deliver some meaty laughs and are surprising twists for the series. Considering this is a short four issue run it’s a pleasure to see writer Max Bemis is willing to take risks and send his characters off on fun asides for the sake of humor. Oh, and he does a nice ribbing of his own personality as well. All in all this is another great issue that delivers plenty of snicker type laughter and a wink and a nod to the fans who grew up reading 90’s comics and who have attended conventions.

Logan Faerber continues to do an excellent job on the art as well making Killstrike as absurd as necessary depending on the panel. The character is without a doubt oddly shaped, most likely on purpose to poke fun at the insane body types coming off of 90’s fan favorite Rob Liefeld’s pen. There’s also a fun recounting of a made up comic story that takes some disturbing turns with some nice sight gags too. Faerber does a great job mixing things up, and I’m almost certain every issue has something that’s a bit different from what we’ve seen, again a nice little nod to us comic long standing comic readers who have thought they’ve seen it all. I don’t want to ruin it, but the breaking of the fourth wall commences and it’s worth a chuckle.

What a bunch of weirdos.

Is It Good?

This is without a doubt the funniest comic of the year, especially if you were a comic reader of the 90’s. Don’t be sillyhead and miss this series. Go out and get the first two and then read this issue. You won’t be disappointed.


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