This has been an anthology type series with each issue showcasing two or three artists, writers, or artist/writer teams coming up with short stories that sort of tie into the main event. The thing is, due to the “What If?” nature of the main event this has really become the “What If?” series of the summer event. This is partly because these shorter stories have no real pull with the main event and serve as elseworld type stories and nothing much more. That means a very skippable series indeed, unless it’s good. So, is it good?

Secret Wars: Battleworld #3 (Marvel Comics)

This issue showcases three stories, all of which look fantastic. The first focuses on an insane amount of Wolverine characters drawn by Aaron Conley with the story by Ivan Brandon. This is a fantastic looking story with a very basic premise opening on Mojo. He points out this story we’re getting is one of the best because when you have Wolverine vs Wolverine who can really win? The twist on the story is that there is one Wolverine who’s a buddhist of sorts and refuses to fight. Ultimately this story lives and dies by the art which I found fantastic in its detail and inventiveness. There is a double page spread that’s simply gorgeous and jam-packed with different types of Wolverines to ogle. There isn’t much to the story beyond throwing a ton of ideas out for Conley to draw, and ogle you must.

Deadpool vs. Devil Dinosaur, who ya got?

The second story is by Ryan Ferrier and drawn by Logan Faerber. This one is all about Deadpool 1872 and his desire to ride Devil Dinosaur. The art is good, cartoony and fitting considering the comedic angle, but I didn’t find it all that funny. Deadpool is doing his usual silly thing and loving all the pain he inflicts and takes. But how many times do we need to see Deadpool do this before it grows stale really?

Conley’s art is amazing.

The third story is written by Ryan Ferrier and drawn by the always amazing Paul Pope. Essentially this is a one off story focused on different versions of Ant Man. They’re fighting over who should wear the suit, a very simple plot really, but running only a single page it’s not like it needs a complex story. Really this story feels like it was written for Pope to do his thing and his thing is done very nicely. The art is highly detailed, looks fantastic, and heck it’s just in time for the movie.


Is It Good?

This issue is all about the art. All three artists do a bang up job, particularly the Wolverine and Ant Man stories and the quality of the art alone is worth a purchase.

Is It Good? Secret Wars: Battleworld #3 Review
All of the art is spectacular particularly the Ant Man and Wolverine storiesThe Wolverine story is zen and interesting albeit simple
The Deadpool story has been done and doesn't feel all that important nor is it very funny
7.5Overall Score
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