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Is It Good? Rick and Morty #4 Review

One of the reasons I enjoy Rick and Morty is because it rewards the viewer who pays attention. Sure most of the stories are done in one tales but details in one episode may pop up later or make a joke pay off even more. The latest issue of Rick and Morty does just that and uses it as a twist. It’s also used to get the writer out of an impossible situation, but isn’t that another reason we love this show? However impossible, they make it out alive (usually with many innocent people dying), but heck, it’s still funny. But how about the comic, is it good?

Rick and Morty #4 (Oni Press)

This issue focuses on Morty being asked to help Rick on his alien plantation. He suspects his workers are planning an uprising and needs Morty to infiltrate. Of course Morty is nervous and doesn’t want to go with the plan, but he ends up doing it anyway. Once again Morty screws up after taking a stand and feels bad about it, but ultimately we all know how this will play out. Then again, something major does happen involving a death! Gasp!

Writer Zac Gorman delivers a strong issue here with many funny beats including a bug butler, Morty possibly getting it on and Rick cheering him on and the always hilarious joke of Rick being a big jerk. The story balances Morty and Rick well too, even though they’re apart for much of it. Considering the series is funniest when they are together Gorman figures out a way to keep their dynamic strong. Plus it calls back to a previous story and it wraps up too. Overall a strong main story.

Hmmm may not be the best of plans.

The backup however is shaky at best. This one focuses on Jerry and how he’s always put down, has a horrible life and yet somehow manages to not kill himself. The joke is a good idea, but it fell flat for me. Considering it’s four pages all contingent on one joke working it’s not surprising it spoils things, but heck, seeing Jerry in pain and misery is always fun though so it’s not all bad.

The art by CJ Cannon and Marc Ellerby continues to be a delight with an uncanny look and feel from the show. Obviously the style is a simpler one, which also tends to be almost boring in the comic format since nothing is moving, but the expressions are so dead on it’s still very enjoyable.


Is It Good?

A very funny premise to this issue with plenty of laughs.


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