We are in the middle of a brand new arc and things are getting very difficult for the former Boy Wonder. In fact, he really may be getting in over his head. Is it good?

Grayson #10 (DC Comics)

In the latest issue of Grayson, things continue to heat up for the characters. Dick has a surprising encounter with Lex Luthor when he is making a drop for Spyral, Agent 1 wants to hunt down our lead because he believes Dick has betrayed the organization, and Helena’s control of Spyral seems to be crumbling. All of these plotlines and subplots make for a very meaty and filling issue, especially in comparison to the light and mostly setup based outing last time. No scenes or moments feel wasted, things are always happening with either story or character development, and there are plenty of new revelations and twists that keep things interesting (especially with the ending and the direction the series may be going in).

The writing duo of Tim Seeley and Tom King continue doing an excellent job on the comic. The characterization is excellent and everyone feels in character perfectly, exemplified by the fantastic scene between Dick and Lex when they meet each other. The dialogue is really good and engaging, helping sell a lot of the scenes with how the characters interact (like the one just mentioned). The pacing is good and no scene feels too slow or fast with how the story progresses through them. Thematically, I like the focus on trust and how it is slowly crumbling for every single character. It’s really changing things up and pushing the story in an interesting and more focused direction than the previous arc. The only problem that one may have with the issue is that they would prefer the book to be more upbeat rather than be more serious like the story seems to be going.

Mikel Janin continues providing the artwork on the series and like you’d expect, his work is fantastic here. His layouts are incredible, allowing for a creative looking story that still smoothly flows from scene to scene without any clumsiness. The characters still look great and are easily to tell apart from one another, while their facial expressions and body language really bring out the personality in the characters. The locations look great and outside of a few instances, every panel has an actual background to it. Jeremy Cox is still the colorist and he continues doing a great job here as well with his bright and energetic colors that make the visuals pop a lot of the time. In the end, the comic still looks as good as it reads.

Is It Good?

Grayson #10 is a great issue from start to finish. Great characters, great story, great writing, and great artwork just like usual. It’s just another fantastic issue of the series, promising some very intriguing and exciting times ahead.

Is It Good? Grayson #10 Review
Solid story with neat twists and turns.Good characterization and writing.Artwork looks as good as always.
9.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 16 Votes

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