One of the bigger moments in the Marvel event Secret Wars was the reveal that Reed Richards and his cosmic life raft saved a couple of the heroes from Doom’s grasp. Now there are a few characters spread to the wind due to Dr. Strange saving their lives and since they are all alone they’re trying to figure out what is going on like the rest of us. This issue shows us the true Star-Lord and how he’s kept himself busy as he lays low from the clutches of Dr. Doom. Is it good?

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde (2015-) #1 (Marvel Comics)

This comic is very Disney in more ways than one. For starters Star-Lord is now a crooner at a club and he sings only Disney songs. Apparently Disney was eradicated when Doom made Battleworld and nobody knows any of the songs, making him a huge hit. He’s laying low in part because Dr. Doom would most likely want his head. Things are different for sure where Star-Lord is now, including a version of Drax with a full head of hair. Things get dicey though when the love of his life shows up.


This is a very innocent and slow moving issue from writer Sam Humphries. It’s all about setting up the characters, particularly who they are now and how they have changed. Gambit, for instance, seems to be just as sleazy as ever, but now he works for himself. Kitty Pryde is about as dynamic as ever though, save for the fact that she doesn’t remember Star-Lord. The premise of the series is pretty strong as Star-Lord wants Kitty to love him again and while she doesn’t remember him she sure does sense something is up. The fact that she works for Doom complicates things though, and it’s going to be the main danger of the series.

Cool idea!

Aside from establishing where the characters are now and a pretty cool weapon the book doesn’t do much. It’s slow at showing us these things and when a conflict does arrive it’s short. Essentially this book could be summed up very quickly, but there’s a nice pace to things as we meander inside Peter Quill’s head. The stakes are high if you think about it, but this issue doesn’t establish why things might get bad for Star-Lord. This weakens the sense of urgency and the dramatic tension.

Art by Alti Firmansyah is very cartoony and almost Disney in its representation. Expressions are very loud much like a cartoon and the detail isn’t hyper in any sense of the word. Seeing as it’s slow there’s a slower sense to the layouts too. Because it’s a bit like a Disney cartoon though, it’s very charming and it’s nice on the eyes that is for sure.

A nice summary of where we are in the event right now.

Is It Good?

A nice opening issue to establish the characters but it’s so darn slow you won’t miss much if you do skip it. That said it has a certain Disney cartoon charm many will like.

Is It Good? Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 Review
Charming sort of story that establishes the characters wellCartoony art is nice
The stakes aren't raised too high yetNot a lot happens
7Overall Score
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