Marvel Zombies #2

Written by Simon Spurrier | Art by Kev Walker

Dave: Swiss cheese Modok is actually a lot more tender than you’d imagine. Especially with a few grapes and two 40’s!

John: Come on down to the Modok Bar-B-Q. We’ve got brisket, ribs, and some good old Modok Wings! Your mind will be tingling after you’ve eaten here!

Dog: Bloodthirsty corpse or turtle turned on its back? You decide.

Man vs. Rock: Urkel did it better …

Archie vs. Predator #4

written by Alex de Campi | Art by Fernando Ruiz

Dave: A sad Predator is the most in poor taste thing I’ve seen yet.

Robert: Inspired by Game of Thrones.

Man vs. Rock: This is how White People are treated in America!

John: Predator is Legendary!

Dog: It’s a new world, gents. Even Achie isn’t immune to eyeball ejections.

’68 Last Rites #1

written by Mark Kidwell | Art by Jeff Zornow

Dog: And there’s a twofer!

John: Seriously, do artists think bullets blow up inside of heads?

Robert: Your bullets don’t explode? You should return them.

Man vs. Rock: A tragedy, considering that Samurai had only one day left until retirement.

John: What you didn’t hear: High-Ex (Judge Dredd’s Voice)

Disciples #2

written by Steve Niles | Art by Christopher Mitten

Dog: If only Mr. Sinister had reached out for help sooner.

Dave: “Somehow the chunks make it all the more tragic,” LeVar Burton said closing his book as the children began to cry.

Robert: Here at Panels in Poor Taste we really like our exploding heads.

Man vs. Rock: So who’s going to run the Make-a-Wish Foundation now?

John: That answer is obvious: BatKid and his trusty sidekick the Green Blaze!

Ghost Racers #2

written by Felipe Smith | Art by Juan Gedeon

Dog: Oh man, I had that He-Man slime pit toy!

Dave: Witness Gisele Bundchen’s secret: The pain room spa of Sweden!

Robert: Also inspired by Game of Thrones.

Man vs. Rock: This has to be the worst David Carradine death re-enactment I’ve ever seen!

John: Sisyphus is definitely missing from this image. #shameful

Bloodstrike #1

Written and art by Rob Liefeld

Dave: The pain from the dangling intestines isn’t distracting you?

Dog: Dave, phantom testicles can be a serious issue for amputees.

Robert: I’m more fascinated by the fact that he’s holding what remains of his body straight out instead of just relaxing.

Man vs. Rock: The typical reaction when you find out that Donald Trump may one day be your President.

John: Don’t hate. Just working on my gains, bro.

Dog: See? Phantom testicles.

Dave: To be fair it’s a better look on you.

Robert: … Why are we obscuring his lack of genitals with the thumb? What’s down there?

Man vs. Rock: Jared Fogle thought that no one in the kindergarten class would recognize him with the mask on. Turns out, he was wrong …

Dave: God forbid the pain when you fall after chewing off your own limbs.

Dog: James Franco he ain’t.

Robert: I’m impressed by his clean cut. Every time I bite off my arms, there’s always dangly bits.

Man vs. Rock: A really beautiful metaphor for marriage, when you think about it …

John: This is what happens when you forget to stretch or take your pre-workout

Where Monsters Dwell #2

written by Garth Ennis | Art by Russ Braun

Dave: At first I thought he’d have to sit on it (that’s where my mind always goes) but now I see it’s a chopping block for a…certain member.

Robert: Nothing I can write is going to be funnier than this comic. If you haven’t picked it up, go do so. Did I just blatantly advertise a comic in Panels in Poor Taste? Yes I did. You’re welcome.

Man vs. Rock: The most unrealistic comic I’ve read in forever. Like anyone’s going to believe that British people have pensises all of the sudden!

John: The things the British do in order to fight Ronda Rousey

Dog: Why does this week hate genitals so much?

Swords of Sorrow: Vampirella/Jennifer Blood #3

written by Nancy A. Collins | Art by Dave Acosta

Dave: Did his head twist off from the force of her blow? I’m confused.

Robert: I’m reminded of a childhood experience with a Pez dispenser.

Dog: Three Stooges, as written by Frank Miller.

Man vs. Rock: To be fair, Juggalos in Mexico usually die far worse deaths.

John: Dave, the Los Muertos have heavily invested in Chinese toys hence the reason the head has screw-like grooves. It does require a Phillips-Head in order to assemble.

Secret Wars: Batteleworld #3

written by Various | Art by Various

John: The World’s Most Unhealthy Smoothie, also known as The Deadpool Special!

Dave: Boston Terrier Wolverine will haunt my nightmares!

Robert: I just want the purple adamantium.

Man vs. Rock: 1000 Wolverines … and we still lost Vietnam?!

Dog: Even Wolver-Nixon up there couldn’t end it!

Death Head #1

written by Zack Keller, Nick Keller | Art by Joanna Estep

Dave: Later Frederick would admit the magic hands were a bit much and threw the whole hell/heaven reveal out of whack.

Robert: I’m not the only one that sees that all the demon tongues curve to the left, right?

Dog: Rob, one of the books left out of the Bible actually predicts the Rapture will begin inside a carnival gravitron ride.

Man vs. Rock: The angel was then named President of the Spokane Chapter of the NAACP.

John: The reason why all of the books and papers are blank: They didn’t have Godly pens from the Wings of an Angel!

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