This month brings us the penultimate issue of Copperhead’s second story arc. Is it good?

Copperhead #9 (Image Comics)


The story begins with a tension-filled look at a part of Clara’s past that looks to be haunting her sooner rather than later. Pretty cool opening, right? I bet you’d like to see where this part of the story is going.


Instead, we join up with the other not-as-interesting-but-still-very-good storyline on Jasper. Clara has rounded up a posse to go find Boo. I’m not quite sure how or why she chose two of the members, but they all end up crossing with the narrative from last issue.

In other words, this whole issue was sort of a flash back. But we do finally end up at the outlaw town from before…only to end on yet another cliffhanger.

Is It Good?

A weak issue of Copperhead is still a good comic book by any measure. That being said, I have a few problems with how this one played out.

For starters, why would Clara want/ask for two arties supplied by Boss Hog? That’s just asking for trouble.

And speaking of the arties, I really did not get their interactions at all. They kept telling Ishmael how cold blooded they were, but with a paradoxically strong amount of passion. Then one of them goes and sacrifices his life to save another member of the posse. I’m not sure what writer Jay Faeber was going for with these guys. Hopefully their behavior (and why Ishmael is different) will be explored more down the road.

I did, however, like the way this issue’s narrative synced up with the last one. We got some answers about who attacked Boo’s captors and there were some interesting parallels drawn between the two groups. It should be really fun to see how everything hits the fan next month with Boo and Clara both inside the outlaw town’s gates…but I’m still a lot more interested the storyline from the beginning of the issue.

Is It Good? Copperhead #9 Review
This issue's storyline syncs up in a really neat way with the one from last month.The issue's opening is all types of suspenseful/interesting...
...which kind of overshadows the main storyThe behavior of the arties is a bit baffling, and not in a good/mysterious way.
7Overall Score
Reader Rating 1 Vote

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