Welcome back to the world of Mythic.

The majority of Mythic Lore Services field teams are down across the world and our heroes from Team #8 have to figure out what has happened/be reassigned. Is it good?

Mythic #3 (Image Comics)


The latest issue of Mythic proves to be a much needed and appreciated step in the right direction. The most important improvement is that the comic actually took its time to develop some of the characters and even the story. We are now getting a few developments from Mythic Lore Services’ point of view about what is going on, introduced to a few different members of this organization (who are all unique in appearance and personality from the get-go) and even develop some of the already existing characters. We learn a bit more about Cass and Waterson, getting an idea of how old they are and some of their past. It’s not extensive or anything, but just this tiny bit of information grants these characters plenty of depth. I hope to see writer Phil Hester explore more of this, especially Cass and how she talked about watching the world change over the centuries. Outside of one or two random moments in the story, like Waterson’s granddaughter appearing out of nowhere at one point, the story is pretty solid.

Hester’s dialogue is solid and he sets up plenty of interesting conversations that provide ample characterization and emotion to the individual (again, with Cass in particular). There’s still plenty of interesting creativity with Mythic‘s monsters and their place in the world. However, I do find myself mystified in how some of their actions actually work, like how these troll creatures tickled a cow’s udders and suddenly make them able to produce milk. That only raises more questions than answers honestly, especially if science is a sham in this universe.

I’m with blonde lady on this. How is the concept of the afterlife existing hard for you to believe?

Lastly, we turn to John McCrea’s artwork and it looks pretty sharp. McCrea designs and draws very striking and imaginative creatures and monsters, making him an excellent fit for this story. The characters look decent, coming in all shapes and sizes, and do show a decent range of emotion and expression at times (though at other times, they can be rather unintentionally funny like the opening page). The layouts are good as well, but early on, there are one or two panels that don’t flow too well. Regardless, it’s a fine looking book and I have not many complaints overall.

Is It Good?

Mythic #3 is a marked improvement over the past two issues. Hester actually focuses on developing the story and its characters, everything showed marked improvement and it felt like we had more reasons to care about what was happening. Hopefully, this a sign of good things to come for this comic as it continues on.

Is It Good? Mythic #3 Review
Actual development with the story and characters.Solid writing.Nice artwork.
Some odd moments of storytelling and writing.Supernatural nature and magic raise more questions than answers at times.
7.5Overall Score
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